Trump’s Insults Show He’s More Loyal To Putin Than NATO


You should visit the seth rich thread and do your famous Cassandra warning . Your fellow libs find that political killings are just not credible.


It’s more fun watching you deflect away from your favorite politician being cozy with the ole KGB dude.


I dont think he is comfortable cozying up to Bad Vlad, but he has too now.


You have to ask, what’s the deal with a President who is under criminal investigation for conspiring with Russians during the election adopt pro Russian policies that put him at odds with his own government and US allies? Why does he want to have a summit and another one on one meeting with Putin with no one around?

Everything Trump does regarding Russia goes against years of past and present US policy, and he makes himself looking guilty as hell doing it. Every explanation that makes Trump innocent, going back decades of Russian involvement, requires some pretty magical thinking and outright conspiracy theorizing. Making Trump innocent in all this is the conspiracy theory.

When you start to think yeah, the guys compromised and acting like a Russian asset, then the explanations for everything he’s doing become a lot simpler and more straightforward.


Didn’t need this asshat going on that dumbass diatribe against the head of NATO to already know Dumpy Trump was Putin’s loyal little American President.

That has been obvious from the get go.

I always figured if we ever saw an American President cow towing the leader of Russia it would have been a Democratic President.

Who knew it would be the Republican Party leader and Republican President that would kiss their asses?


Yep. He’s probably like one of Jim Jordan’s wrestlers visiting the doctor. Think about it from his perspective. I mean, here’s this guy diagnosing your injured finger with his hand on your junk. You really want to wrestle in the big meet, what’re you gonna do? He’s got you by the junk.

Trump is well past the point of this being voluntary, I think.


Ummm…stuff like Brennan hates Trump so he probably knows a bunch of secret stuff on him. The whole article is baseless speculation. If Brennan or Comey or Strzok or Mueller had any evidence (and Lord knows theyve been looking desperately) of Trump being some sort of Manchurian candidate then, even if the hadn’t presented it officially, we would have at least read about it in the Washington Post or CNN, refereincing "officials and former officials’.
In fact Mueller and Brennan and Clapper would have a duty to have presented it by now rather than leave such a person in office for ten minutes.

What we have is someone with a different foreign policy than that of Obama/Kerry and Democrats desperate to politicize that difference.


Well, in the heat of 9/11 I messed up. I fess up to it. That said, I was against any renewal of it.


Sad to say, but what you wrote has an element of truth.


HIllary would have if Trump didn’t. The Russians shoveled a lot of money her way too. That’s what disgusted me in October 2016. Either of the likely winners at that time were Russian stooges in one way or another.


You are asking for basic critical thinking skills…that is too much for Trumpers


No, what we have is someone with a different foreign policy then that of standard US policy which has been set in place since post WW2.

This is not some trifle thing, this is re-writing the lines of established western power


Still…conflating the Soviet Union and their view of world conquest through the spread of communism with a much reduced Russia and their border disputes. These are not the same things. There is nothing Russia could do, short of nuclear war, to even regain what they willingly gave up.


Right, not like Ukraine got invaded and part of it taken, and why all those other Baltic countries are just thrilled with what they see coming from Russia :roll_eyes:


Putin wants Montenegro and he’ll go far to get it, including murdering its prime minister. He wasn’t happy when it joined NATO last year.


And Russia had complete control of all the baltic nations and all of Ukraine and willingly gave them up. Crimea was different because it was ethnically Russian. That’s not saying Russia had some legal right to take it even if it was what the people who lived there wanted, but it is different than its being some stair step in a plan for world domination, and should not be viewed the same.


I can’t see Hillary, under any circumstance, getting on her knees (figuratively) to kiss Putin’s booty the way Donny Brown Lips is doing.

She may have take their money, but she was never beholding to them like Dumpy Trump.

She certainly wouldn’t be getting in bed (figuratively) with Kim Jong Un or trash talking the head of NATO to his face on live TV.


I love how you diminish things…lol…you have a knack for it

You cant just “take back” because “reasons”, Russia is an aggressor and a destabilizer period.

What they want is for all the pieces on the game board to be reset and re-established to favor them, they want to see the big dog which is the USA be put back in its cage and Trump is helping that.


Sure. The Germans can’t say anything in regards to Russian conquering. They did their own during both world wars. Northern France and Belgium still bear the scars of German national aggression in 1914.

Most other European nations spent their time conquering Africa and Asia.

The Russians were the worst, though. They created a much larger contiguous empire than any other power. And were generally very brutal in managing it. The Soviets were even worse than the Tsars in that.

And it’s fresh memories. The wall only came down the year I was born. By comparison German aggression is still remembered, but only by old people in southern and Eastern Europe. Those same people, along with their children and grandchildren, vividly remember Soviet and by extension Russian aggression.


I did. I clearly did. Oops