Trump’s Insults Show He’s More Loyal To Putin Than NATO


You’re silly lib…did anyone tell you that?


Me too. The movie will be epic.

Then no one will say they voted for him.


Nonsense. He’s playing it up for the cameras to fire up his base.

It’s political theatre. His supporters can’t tell the difference between talk and results.


Remember how they used to say they never supported Dubya in 2009? Lol


No, you don’t get it at all. You continue to think of the dollars represented in a trade balance as some sort of bottom line representation, a value held by the vendor, like there’s no expenses against it, no COGS. The vast majority of that money isn’t being held by those companies in bonds or bank accounts or stocks. It’s already in somebody else’s hands. It has paid payroll, and heating, and fuel, product packaging, and any myriad other things associated with getting ■■■■ to market.

And, you’re right, it’s not a one way street.

It’s not a two-way street, either. That’s where you’re really, really stumbling with this stuff.


And your falling to recognize what manufacturing base in certain country does to it economy, local, state and national level.

This is problem with libs. They don’t understand the benefit that goverment recieves from that revenue.


Everybody here voted for W and supported the Patriot Act. Then they all didn’t.


Man I hope any of you see how completely insane it is that you’ve locked onto like 4 Obama phrases that you’ve been repeating over and over for a decade, and Trump says at least 15 more outlandish ■■■■■■ up things every day. The attempts at equivalence are flaccid at best.


Way ahead of you. But Putin might be a commie at heart.

So now… are you trying to ignore the fight Trump is having with real self avowed communists in mainland China?


Not speaking for the rest, I voted and supported W, both times. I supported the Patriot Act (the first time). I was against the renewal/permanenization of it, as I realized that it gave the government too much power.


There’s like 4 Republicans left on the planet who supported the invasion of Iraq, and they were all against the Bush administrations profligate spending.


He is not having a fight with them as communists, he is having a fight with them as capitalists.


No. I’m just having fun watching you deflect from an American president being BFFs with a commie.


If it gave the government too much power, then you supported the government having too much power.


You just walked into a conversation. Please review what’s been said before sticking in your two cents.


(reads back) Yup, I was right, a bunch of hand waving, half understood gibberish from you.


But he is right isnt he?


They are communists. CITM was trying to say Trump liked communists.


@Vigilante @FreeAndClear

See what I mean


Putin is a commie. Always has been. You’re favorite politician loves him some Putin.

Now, to be fair, he probably owes the Russian mob a lot of $$ playing kissy face with Putin is probably smart. Of course Putin has people knocked off in other countries so that’s a whole other issue.