Trump’s Insults Show He’s More Loyal To Putin Than NATO

Yeah. Shocking.

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lol hell we all knew that… that is like saying water is wet

“Trump’s Insults Show He’s More Loyal To Putin Than NATO”

You think?

In other earth shattering news, the sky is blue…

Pelosi and Schumer…are the new Abbott and Costello. :rofl:

Trump is doing the opposite of an “apology tour” which is exactly what his supporters want. Substance isn’t important. Getting back at their perceived enemies is all that matters.


Well, he’s kind of stuck isn’t he? Putin either has something on him or he’s in bed with Putin (who wants to break down strong alliances to give Russia more power). So he has to play Putin’s game of western/European destabilization.

Trump is a troll. The troll move here is to buddy up with Putin to piss people off. Or … the pee tape is real.

Or there is massive $$ in it for Trump.

Considering they were smart and talented with a quick wit and successful careers, I’m not sure that’s the comparison you’re looking for.

The dude really wants to end the Western alliance.

There’s always something in it for Trump. There isn’t a selfless bone in his body.


so im waiting for some Cons to come applaud this craptastic storm

My hunch is that something far worse and more substantive than the pee tape is real.

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I was about to post something similar. I don’t think the pee tape is the reason, it has to be financial. It always is with the orange turd.

If Trump walked on water, you would OP

Trump can’t swim!

I enjoyed his giving Nato a jolt, Germany made itself a captive to Russia

It obvious by now that Trumps focus on foreign policy is to move us away from our western allies and align us closer to Moscow. The world is a more dangerous place right now with Trump no doubt about it.

How messed up would it be if Donald Trump is blowing up all of our traditional alliances simply because there’s a tape that shows he’s below average in the pee pee department?

Maybe real estate in Russia after he leaves office.

Just throws hos constant ass-kissing of Russia into even sharper relief.