Trump’s Insults Show He’s More Loyal To Putin Than NATO


It makes zero sense he either is compromised or there is some sort of financial gain or both.

But Trump is advancing Russia’s agenda every time he goes out he represents Russia directly and he is not shy about it.

The ultimate goal of Putin is to see a weakened NATO and a broken up EU. Trump is using the weight of the US to that which is something that used to be unthinkable.


Hey, if it means triggering and owning the libs, it’s totally worth it and makes total sense!


I’m not one of those who are into conspiracy theories and tin foil hats. I’m a “F” your feelings/opinions type of dude, I want facts. However, there has to be something to this, either Putin has something damning on 45 or both of them are doing back room deals for power and money. He’s more willing to disrespect our allies while at the same time have this man crush on Putin. Any American worth anything should be concerned. This BS transcends party and/or politics. I shouldn’t say this, but many of us where I work have a bad feeling that he maybe compromised. Once again I don’t care about feelings, I need facts so I’m not on board yet with him being compromised, but his behavior is not helping the case against.


Just spent a week with my Tea Trump Party Family, and anecdotally, at least, I cannot quibble much with this headline or the writer’s thesis:

Trump Is Training His Base to Hate NATO and Like Putin

Where Trump’s intent has grown abundantly clear is the manner in which he is speaking to his supporters. At his rally in North Dakota two weeks ago, he said, “Sometimes our worst enemies are our so-called friends or allies, right?” At a subsequent rally in Montana last week, the president declared, “Our allies in many cases were worse than our enemies.” Trump understands the power of repetition, and it is notable to see this allies, they’re the worst, amirite formulation becoming a staple of his rhetoric.

More noticable still was a comment he made at the latter rally. Adopting his mocking pundit voice, he ridiculed the notion that “Putin is KGB.” (Putin did in fact work in the KGB.) “You know what,” he said, “Putin’s fine. He’s fine. We are all fine, we’re all people.”



It’s honestly may be as simple as people keep telling him to not kiss Russia’s ass so he does it just to spite them. This is a president who you cannot tell, “Now don’t tell anyone about this” because he’ll tell the next group of people he sees immediately.

If he was a kid, I’d believe quite strongly he has Oppositonal Defiant Disorder.


They appear to be comparing asking a friend to pay more of their mutual costs as some sort of attack, and trying to work out avoiding nuclear conflict with Russia as caving to that country.
They might have a point if we were telling Germany that we would no longer contribute to our mutual defense but instead told Russia that we would help them pay for some of their defenses.
As it is Shumer and Pelosi are just playing politics, and dangerous politics for the safety of the US at that.


The problem is that Germany and NATO are not our enemies. They are our friends. Russia is the enemy that we need to look out for. Germany helps who we help in the Middle East. Russia helps our enemies there.


Might be, but I doubt it’s personal, I bet it’s financial. He can shrug off personal, easily.


It turns out that we didn’t win the Cold War like we thought. Russia just took a break, and then when we weren’t looking, cane back and won everything they ever wanted.


People would probably feel differently if he’d just stop publicly kissing Putin’s ass while attacking our allies.

I mean, Christ, Trump’s new thing is mocking eh idea that Putin was KGB when he was literally a KGB counterintelligence officer.


Nope… think of why there was never a Trump Tower built inside of Russia… the point is for the kleptocracy to get the money out of the country, not keep it inside.


Yes, we should be cautious of Russia today. Russia is winning everything they wanted and did not lose the cold war? Compare a map of Soviet controlled areas in 1980 to Russia controlled areas today. Their control under Communism went all the way to the middle of Germany.
Now they are in disagreements over border areas they once controlled that have large numbers of Russian minorities.
That doesn’t mean we should just cave to everything they want…we don’t…but comparing the Russia of today to the Soviet Union is a dangerous mistake.


Putin wants NATO gone.
Putin holds Trump’s debt. Junior and Eric told us this.
Putin has Trump over a barrel.

It’s not just a pee tape.


Jonathan Chait lays it all out in this article, and Trumps involvement and contacts with Russia is pretty startling when you put it all in one place.

Josh Marshall has a really good take on this. You really have to rely on some magical thinking and special pleading to explain all of this away. If you just accept that Trump is compromised by Russia then things get much simpler and make a lot more sense. The short version, the worst case scenario is a lot more likely than an innocent explanation.

My big takeaway reading his narrative is one I’ve been convinced of for months. Individually, each guilty-seeming or suspicious action, each lied-about contact or unexplained meeting can be explained by some heroic theory of Trump’s idiosyncrasy. So maybe Trump didn’t have anything to hide in the Russia investigation. But the drive for control and loyalty made him take actions which made him seem guilty. Or Trump’s inexplicable obsession with and need to gratify Vladimir Putin may seem suspicious but is really just his fondness for authoritarian leaders or a need to show that he’s not cowed by the Russia probe.

Each of these theories are possible. But in each case an implausible and heroic theory is ushered in to avoid the more elementary explanation: that Trump has something to hide and some deep attachment to Putin.

It reminds me of looking at geocentric and heliocentric models of the solar system. Before the Early Modern Era, the Ptolemaic geocentric system had a great run. And it worked. It correctly predicted where given stars or planets would be in the sky at different dates and times. But to make everything work with the Earth at the center of the solar system, the standard elongated oval orbits we know wouldn’t get it down. You needed orbits within orbits and some heavenly bodies that marched in one direction and then turned and started marching in the other direction. It was highly convoluted and required a lot of astrophysical special pleading to make everything fit. If you just put the sun at the center of the solar system everything got much, much simpler.

As you probably intuited, forcing the Earth to be at the center is a bit like insisting on an innocent, trail-of-a-thousand-misunderstandings-and-flukes explanation of all the secret meetings, pay offs, lies and coverups we see everywhere we look in the Russia story. If you consider the possibility that Trump did something very bad and is doing everything he can to hide it, suddenly a lot of facts which otherwise require all sorts of rejiggering and creative thinking just fall into place.


Keep in mind what NATO…or more importantly what European union has done. They expanded their union under our protection…all while profiting off of it.


It’s a dangerous mistake not to compare them, especially considering their leadership today. They may be smaller but they are actively sabatoging democracies worldwide - Brexit and US16 being huge red flags - and further the so-called President is actively sabatoging every alliance that could conceivably stop them.

A few years ago, a friend in the Air Force told me that he thought Russia was the USs biggest threat. I thought he was nuts at the time. He was right.


That article was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever read. It’s like reading someone you loved died on the paper - you don’t want to beleive it and your pray it’s wrong but when they don’t answer the phone you start to panic…


I was just reading this! Lol!


Here is Trump and ex-wife in Russia back in '87


On cue, Rush is bashing NATO, calling them the elites, practically calling our European allies our enemies, and grooming his listeners to get used to the idea of kicking NATO nations in the teeth.

So weird.