Trump’s Insults Show He’s More Loyal To Putin Than NATO


He was stronger on Russia than Obama


yes, lock him up for ICE policy on free slurpee day


No, I think Trump publicly kisses Putin’s ass and backs Russia over our actual allies and it’s ■■■■■■■ embarrassing.


For it being a conspiracy theory, the worst case scenarios make a lot more sense than any innocent explanations.

The innocent explanations about Trumps behavior and contacts with Russia are the conspiracy theories. You really gotta twist yourself up in knots to explain all that away innocently.


You don’t hold beliefs like that if you know how it actually works.


Wow. :flushed:

I’m at a loss of words.


So your argument is but Obama? LoL ok I’ll bite…

I don’t remember Obama taking a dump on NATO, bad mouthing our allies, creating divisions all while kissing Putins ass and promoting their foreign policy.

I don’t base my opinion on Trumps foreign policy on conspiracy theories but his ACTIONS.


You are merging 2 issues together to try to win your argument.

I said Obama was not tough on Russia policy wise like Trump has been.
Obama didn’t get really tough on them till he was leaving office.

I believe Nato partners should pay more into it. We shouldn’t be paying the most.

Trump strokes Putin’s Ego openly, Obama and Hillary did it behind the scenes.


Moi? How is Trump tough on Russia again? Is it the constant public praise? Asking for them to be readmitted to the G7? The sanctions passed over his veto that he’s been slow-rolling for a year and a half? What?


No you are the one that threw in the "but Obama!’

There is no argument to win, fact is Trump is president and for everyone that isn’t blind or willfully stupid it is pretty obvious that he is advancing Russian interests and creating divisions with our allies by taking a bad faith approach to valid issues.


This just in: Putin’s handler scolds Germany for buying Russian.


Putin’s a fine guy.



Obama started getting “tough” on Russia after the annexation of Crimea. That was the tipping point where they became a very real and direct threat to peace and stability in the world and a real danger to the US and our European allies. Trump has been anything but “tough” on Russia. He just likes to say he is. He says he’s done lots of things. A lot of the time it’s not true. This is another example. Weakening our alliances, refusing to impose sanctions on Russia, going against his own intelligence agencies on their meddling, pushing for them to join the G7, all but legitimizing the takeover of Crimea, the constant praise of Putin… This is not Trump being tough on Russia.


Figure it out yet? How a country spends their trade surplus?


Hey, its tough defending the Russians isnt it Cons?


Buying up American treasury, sitting in a bank or maybe investing in American corporations/stocks etc.

I “get it”

But what you’re not getting is lost revenues that manufacturing base gives to communities such as increase wages and taxes etc.

Let me ask you this.

Why are they…Europeans fighting so hard to keep their surplus? Is it because they need the tax revenues from the labor?

If it was a wash…why are they reluctant to give that up?

You see it’s not a one way street. I understand where you guys are coming from…it’s your refusal to understand otehr side of that same coin.


How much do we pay Germany for the use of the military bases, hospitals and other acreage of buildings??


You love Mother Russia and Bad Vlad


You’re not good at deflecting. A better one would have been that Putin is no longer a communist. See, that gets you Trump fighting communists while befriending a recovering communist.

See how it’s done?