Trump’s Insults Show He’s More Loyal To Putin Than NATO


The idea trump is hiding something isnt really that big of a stretch. He lives in the lie so much anyways. Must be a massive amount of guilt he has to deal with daily.


Of course you don’t…and I’m not talking about my position.


Cool story…




There is no NATO general fund that countries makes payments into. The only thing we’re paying into is our own military.


I’ve heard several interview Fmr. Defense Secretary General Robert Gates and his comments about Putin and Russia has been quite consistent. The Russian Government are not our friends, Putin want to destroy our way of life by any means necessary. I’m paraphrasing, but We can have a relationship with each other to keep us from destroying each other, but having them as friends/allies is fools errand. This is a man who has sat in meetings multiple times with Putin and he said this is just the stuff I can share, the rest you would need a clearance for, but I will admit from what I know, General Gates is speaking facts. Even Fmr. SOD General Leon Penata has made similar comments. I’m betting General Mattis knows this too, unfortunately 45 has him outside of the loop.


Germany hasn’t been acting like a friend to us or her other allies in NATO. Look at the deal Chancellor Merkel has made with Putin and Russia, by passing other NATO countries. Not much of a friend.


There is a agreement for everyone to be at 2% by 2024. So what is the point of Trump making a issue of this? IMHO he doesn’t like or trust anything that is a cooperative effort. He wants his base to dislike NATO.
And he always wants to be in the position that belittles others until they cave and then is able to claim a win.
And no, Dems are not against NATO or the agreement.


Why did Trump still ■■■■ on the NATO Secretary General even after he got what he wanted this morning?


Hey, leave that antisemitism out of here…they are all Jewish, you know!


Patiently waiting for your no doubt strongly worded denunciation of Trump’s relentless ass kissing of Putin.


The Three Stooges are Jewish? googles. Huh! Learn something every day.


McCarthy himself couldn’t have made a more convincing argument.


This is a very good article, I highly suggest you read it.


I strongly denounce Trump kissing Putin’s ass…just like I strongly denounced Obama doing it…or at least communicating it when he told Putin’s emissary he would have more flexibility. Did you denounce Obama’s kissing of Putin’s ass?


Because former Warsaw Pact and Soviet republics joined?

There is a reason they joined NATO. The Russian history of conquering people is still pretty fresh.


Man, you guys are hilarious. I bet you think when the hot girl says, “not tonight, baby, maybe some other time” that she’s really into you.


Trump is pulling off the greatest con on conservatives in modern history turning his base against western NATO alliance one that we forged and getting them to embrace Russia.

It boggles the mind truly…I mean hello the Soviet Union was a thing until what 1991?


No it doesn’t show he is more loyal.
Trump has been bad mouthing NATO for a long time back in the late 80’s he was on Opera talking how the countries in NATO need to pay up more.

So I assume you believe he was loyal to Putin way back then as well.
And it was all leading up to the time he would get elected right?


WOW and you don’t like Alex Jones and his conspiracy crap.
So you push a Conspiracy that Russia and Trump were tight and that he has always been working with Russia to where he is now?
Seriously ?