Trump rally continues


That and 4% growth in GDP are almost a sure thing.

Every economist and the fed know this little known secret.



Are you still a believer in Santa? Because at seven it’s marginal, right?


Bookmarked. :smile:


Can I bookmark you for thinking the Bull will return in full form in 2019? :grinning:


Down 26% YTD. How is that “very strong?”


The market is down 17% from its high. In 2009, it was down 46%. This is bear market territory, but I wouldn’t call it “massive.” Yes, eventually the market will go back up.


Yes I meant a massive correction- under 20 percent. It needs to be >20 % to be a Bear market. And yeah 2009 was a true crash and we are far from that point.


Dow down over 500 points “After Apple warned it will badly miss its quarterly sales forecast because of weakening growth and trade tensions in China.”


But we have been assured trade wars are easy to win? Is this the winning we were promised? Lol


Which way are rallies generally supposed to go, up or down?


Well rallies are a lot more fun when they are chaotically all over the map…or something. Lol


Whether it’s going up or down, you can be sure it’s the best market America has ever seen.


Just a little glitch.


Market rallied its ass off today. Sick and tired of all the rallying.


401k was looking a little fat so its new year resolution to trim some weight


Trump lowered my taxes again this year. No capital gains. Amazing!


lol - Trump said he was playing with house money when he started all of this trade war/tariff garbage. Guess you’re the house. :rofl:


Basic supply side economics, right there.

There’s two way to address cutting taxes.

The demand side (government tax collection) or the supply side (your revenue).

By ensuring revenue stream of 0, Trump has lowered taxes out of existence.


Yes he is. His tax deal is costing 1.5 trillion alone.


What sort of idiot looks at a guy like Trump who has been bankrupt more than once in business and says to himself that is who should leading the largest economy in the world