Trump rally continues


I wonder how many other threads have aged this well.


This thread is officially more hilarious than avrgbear’s $7 a gallon of gas prediction. Takes a special sort to top that and yet here we are. Congrats @Cratic3947


At least the “trade war” is going well…

…for Brazil.

China brought in 5.07 million tonnes of soybeans from Brazil in November, up more than 80 percent from 2.76 million tonnes a year ago, data from the General Administration of Customs showed.

Meanwhile, U.S. imports plunged from 4.7 million tonnes in November 2017 and were down from 67,000 tonnes in October.


The same way he was held accountable in November 2016.


I know it’s stating the obvious but wow this thread aged well. Trump is great indeed, and very cool.


Investors responding to D Congress and Pelosi irrationality.

I am confident the markets will begin a sweet uptick to 2020.


I’m sure you are.


Just no.



Energy sector is strong.

Employment in domestic sector is strong and new international trade deals are coming on line.

Smart $ is buying in.


President Trump owns it.

Only way to get a decent deal done.


Whatever it is you have to tell yourself to make you happy, I support.


I wish I would have bookmarked the post where i called it that this would be the excuse months and months ago

You guys are getting way too easy to predict.


Owns what? What deal?


Not necessarily.


Opinions…Everyone has them.

The energy sector is very strong and will drive the rest in 2019.


A boom industry loaded with debt and whose profits are at the whim of global prices.

Yeah… rock solid.

It may keep going in 2019, but at some point the bill will come due and the bet is if the sector will be able to pay or not.

Not as solid as some may want people to believe.


With oil at 45 a barrel? No.


I agree with the idea that the markets will rebound in the new year but the problem is not what you want to believe it is.

The markets are tanking due to Trump’s out of control behavior. Once he realizes his actions are hurting his ratings (got to think in TV terms) he will change his tune and pretend to be a stable and rational player.

The markets like stability and will respond accordingly.


Unfortunately, I don’t believe Donnie is capable of changing his tune or pretending he’s stable.

Unfortunately, I believe he’s going to continue to degenerate, as yesterday’s Twitter meltdown showed.



Usually I think the market will bounce back after a massive “correction” like this…but I have a strong feeling 2019 will not return to the Bull years any longer. Trump ruins everything he touches.