Trump rally continues




As of this morning, consumer confidence is down to what it was in 2016 before Trump was elected. We’re looking at a recession, which will crush so many people. Not good.


Unfortunately, many on what used to be my side of the aisle that will vote R no matter what. GWB’s first term might be the last time I vote for a republican presidential nominee if they don’t quit dragging out the worst of the worst.

I’d sooner vote for Vermin Supreme…


Welcome back!


Yeah. I’ll never get tired of this video of Trump.


Looks like earning from Christmas are going to start the way back to record numbers.

Trump is cool…


we can hope…



Now, that the fed has stopped raising rates, or at least signaled not so aggressively… Jobless claims at lowest since 1969.


Trump Rallies continue on a regular basis around America!

Because without Trump as President, most Conservatives hopes
would be dead already. I know that mine would be.


what are we ganna do if Maxine Watters is the chair of
the House Financial Services committee?


Probably make a thread about how she’s under criminal investigation and about to be indicted. Give that one a try.


What do you mean if? She is the Chair of that committee.


Trump congratulated the Dow for going over 25,000. Something he also congratulated it for two other times in the past year. I wonder if he understands that’s not a good thing?


Probably not especially since right now it’s slightly under 25K again.




Or she and the Democrat Politicians are going to try and run
this country into the ground financially, and blame it on Trump?


And trillion dollar deficit Trump isn’t running us into the ground?


How many Trillions?


One every year.


That’s like 2 whole years! That’s 2 Trillion!

How much did Burrack Insane Obama and the Democrats spend again?
If you don’t know I do. It was a lot more than 2 trillion, and
we had a horrible economy with Insane in the membrane also.