Trump rally continues


Womp, womp.





i keep thinking of Brad Pitt speech in “the big short” Vegas Scene


22,443.92 −415.68 (1.82%)

Dec 21, 4:02 PM EST



nothing on foxnews yet.


This is foxbusiness page as of 2 min ago


Yup. They’ll do the ticker. And foxbusiness will do some actual reporting. But foxnews will do only the ticker. The real news outlets are actually reporting on this on their front pages.




Do you understand what I posted yet?


This thread has truly aged well for the OP. It’s nearly on the scale of bear’s $7 a gallon of gas thread. #epicfailure.




Looks like we are barreling through the 22,000 floor. Merry Christmas everyone.


This is… not good.


Unfortunately I’m not sure what will stop the current trend. My uneducated prediction is back to 20-18 K range. Basically back to where we were 2+ years ago. Bright side is that it will be a good time to invest again.


I wouldn’t invest anything until Trump is gone.


My advisor has been suggesting a floor of 18,000 is a real possibility. We will see as time goes. But with the chaos Presidency there is no telling. Uncertainty is a huge turn off for traders.


In Stock Markets, the law of gravity holds regardless of how many predictions are made by politicians or proponents of new technologies who announce that this time we have finally broken free of the bonds of earth.

The Market has had a healthy long upward run since it cratered in the latter years of the Bush Administration, and while Donald Trump claimed credit for the tail end of that upward run, it was inevitable that gravity would reassert itself.

The markets are in free fall although the fundamentals of corporate results are mostly sound. Why this contradiction? Or what has changed under Trump’s leadership that has led to this?

President Trump is blaming the Fed for raising rates. Do his supporters agree with this? Remember, that Trump and other Republicans repeatedly attacked the low rates maintained under the Obama year as a “sugar high.” Do you think that a “sugar high” would be good now?

Trump’s opponents blame the doubling of the deficit after the Republican tax cut – especially high for years of a healthy economy, the trade wars and the sense of instability in the Executive Branch.

The tax cut and the trade wars are at the core of Trump’s governing philosophy. So if you agree those are untouchable and low rates are inappropriate mucking with the currency, what’s the solution people.

Blame for falling markets is as silly as claiming credit for rising taxes. What matters is that 401K’s are hollowing out and funds to invest in job creation are drying up. We need solutions, not finger pointing.


I would say that until the cause is acknowledged then nothing will change and that involves some sort of finger pointing.

I see this as a direct result of the trade war. This was completely predicted and has historical precedent. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

I don’t see the tax cuts as being a cause, but what they do mean is that if this continues into a full blown recession then the normal cycle of cutting taxes and flooding government money into the economy to cushion the blow becomes a lot more unpalatable.

Once again… all of this was really easy to foresee.


Good thing the markets close early.

Flirtin’ with 22k a couple times already today.


It’s not looking good right now.