Trump rally continues


Jeesch, I leave the house while the market is still up, just to get a mani, and by the time I get home the market is tanking again.

I’m so glad I haven’t done a thing with the pot of cash I’ve been sitting on for about a year. I definitely won’t be buying anything until Donald is history. He’s just a disaster for the market and the economy in general, and it’s only going to get worse.


It always annoys the hell out of me when you see pictures in the news of traders grimacing as the market tanks - as if it was someone other than them causing it…


Russell 1300.

Haven’t seen the OP here.

Rally my behind.



what was the Russel at during inauguration? i know Dow was just south of 20k


1350 on January 20, 2017



Hmmmm. NASDAQ is flirting with 3% down on the DAY.


Anyone’s 401k poppin this year? I’m definitely not feeling the Trump rally.


Chaos president


I’m tired of all this winning.



I think the only good news is that the market closes at 1pm on Monday and is closed on Tuesday.


Wow, a small move up in the morning but back to the cliff!



NASDAQ busted past the 3% mark. Dow is down over 400.



The good news is that things close up in 23 minutes.



Dow dives 400 points, heads for worst week in 10 years


Where’s the OP?


opening up his Glenn Beck approved survival seeds


At least there is more action watching the ticker than watching the motion to proceed on C-SPAN.


back to eating tide pods again.




Big rally at the end of the day? Dow is down only 375 with 11 minutes to go.