Trump rally continues


Russel 2000 Jan 6 2017 1,367.28

Now 1,326.96



well i guess the market listen to the meme

Dow falls 650 points to 14-month low, Nasdaq enters bear market


BTW: If a Democrat was president, the stock market would be the story. But with Trump, you’ve got so many brush fires, toxic sink holes, building collapses, mud slides, and floods that it just gets lost in all the other ■■■■■


Worst December since the great depression and the month is not over yet.


At this point, I’m kinda hoping for a Dead Santa Bounce.


I’m sure a government shut down will help the market.


and it will be the story on certain outlets once as soon as the calendar clicks to 2019


Not worried about the market. PE’s on my (about 20) stocks are historically not particularly high, maybe on the low side historically, and dividend rates are quite high. It would take a horrendous recession to keep these much lower for a long time, or it would take much much higher interest rates.
If that happens (and we are not there yet) I would buy more stocks.


The majority of market activity is traded by computers. NFLX and tech stocks are about to get slaughtered which will bring down everything else. I have a lot of cash on hand ready





As soon as trumps tax cuts kick in and trade war kicks in the economy crumbles


We are still a ways off from a DJIA Bear market- no?


Yeah. I think it has shed about another 1500 points to get into bear territory off the high.

Good news for the OP is that the dow is only down 6.75% since the date of the OP. NASDAQ is down 11.7% though. That’s gotta hurt.


Haven’t we shed like 1700 in only the last 3 days? With the Trump Shutdown we’ll probably lose even more than that by end of business (1pm) Monday.


End of the year capitualation is near


Tommorow is going to be a rough day, with today’s news.




I dunno. The day started off good. Dow clawed it’s way back up over 23k. Then it dropped to being down on the day. It’s feeling an awful like 23 is the new resistance. Still a lot of time left in the day, though.

Just a couple days ago we were wondering if 24 might ceiling. Things move fast in Trumpworld.


Ya theres no catalyst at this point. Overdue for a recession. Thanks Trump



It’s down 500 points off the day’s high.