Trump rally continues


It’s a win, win, for the common man.


So it’s fake inflation? Because the projections are not low relative to the last decade…


Trump is Cool…


Do you even know the inflation rate? It’s under 2%…


Stock market up. Trump rally

Stock market down. It’s someones else’s fault.



There was, however, a trillion dollars in stock buybacks by corporations. Much of that value has simply vanished.


The fed easy money trump stock market is crashing


Not too long ago ya’ll were saying inflation was a sign that the economy was finally picking up


I’m sure we’ll be hearing soon how its Obama’s fault.


Yup. Overheated the thing with low interest rates and huge corporate tax cuts. The Fed now has a responsibility while economic measures are still relatively fairly good to give itself some tools to deal with the upcoming recession. It needs room to adjust interest rates and there isn’t enough at the moment.

The bad news for corporations is that they spent a trillion bucks buying back their own stock right at the peak. That’s going to hurt when a lot of that value disappears.

YOu and I will be paying for that lost value twice, most direclty in the increased federal debt load.


They were in an interesting spot today. Dont raise rates? Everyone will panic thinking we are heading into a recession. Keep the rate hike projection? Markets panic…higher rates! So if course they did the goldilocks today




It’s 1.9, which is higher than 6 of the previous 10 years.



Here’s the OP’s favorite, the Russell 2000, since the date of the OP.


Right, and they want to keep it that way. Easier to fend it off than try to do something when it’s already there. Remember Ford’s WIN buttons?





I’m sure news of the trump shutdown is going to help


Down 1.6% today - so far…




Bizarre. If you were looking at, it doesn’t even qualify as news.

23k is going to become the new resistance here pretty soon.