Trump rally continues


Tariff Man needs to come out of his shell.

Today, Dec 7th, the Dow is currently down 500 points.

Of course the main concern for investors is trade. That’s clear and evident.

Those with a 401K can see their retirement taking a bit longer. Those CEOs who got massive tax breaks last year can still retire in the same time frame, maybe a bit earlier.



Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuum, what? lol. You guys do realize that 40 seats isn’t that much correct?

Either that or you don’t know what the Democratic Party meant by a blue wave. You see, when I think of a really big wave, I think of the other party getting destroyed overall. Not simply losing 40 seats. lol. Look at past presidents! How many did they lose compared to Trump? lol.


40 isn’t much. Lol.

You are an extreme republican optimist.

Elephants got their butt kicked in the mid terms

And you keep on saying “please sir, may I have another”



Getting worse…

Okay financial specialists- are we getting to a bottom?


Trump said we now have the best relationship with china than any other time in history so how coukd there be a trade war?


Thanks, Democrats.

It’s your sabotage of the MAGA program that causes all bad economic news.


If Republicans ran the House, the Senate and the White House this would never have happened.


It keeps getting better.


Another 500 drop today.

Down for the year.

What happened to the Santa Claus rally.

The grinch got it I suppose.



30,000 any day now. Right about the time the entire national debt is paid off.


Looks like lord trump needs some of dat easing





The worst December since the Great Depression. #winning!


shocking. Fake TV businessman = incompetent president. Sure fooled a lot of Americans.

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I remember a few knowledgeable posters here, were predicting the same thing after the tax cuts went into effect.


Thank goodness I moved my funds into a different fund.


I am no financial professional, but . . .

As I understand things, the Dow is now down about 1,500 points from the day Trump signed the tax bill, in December of 2017. That’s down about 6% from then. Plus, the deficit’s gone way up.

In conclusion:

I had some affluent liberal friends who said to me, after Trump was elected, Well, maybe all our retirement funds will do well. No dice so far.


Someone tell the fed we have no real inflation… What are they looking at?


No “Trump is cool!” today?


sure glad they spent all of that tax money on stock buybacks