Trump rally continues


It’s all fun and games until you mess with people’s retirements. Since we’ve basically privatized them into 401k’s and other similar financial vehicles dependant on the market, this is not funny anymore…


Yup. A good day would be holding the floor at 22.


Damn. Just busted through.

Let’s see if that was just a blip or if gravity will catch it.


Damn. Just busted through.

Let’s see if that was just a blip.


It’s like watching the Titanic sink from the lifeboats.


And trump screaming at the band playing till the end.




DJIA lost over 600 points today.


Where’d the OP go?


Posting religious text.


Ahhhh. Makes sense, I guess. is doing the functional equivalent. They’ve got Kevin Spacey ■■■■ as the banner headline. Gotta go with the favorites at a time like this.


Trump is the one who’s been pounding his chest for 2 years taking credit for the stock market and using it as evidence of a strong economy that he himself is responsible for. Sorry, he doesn’t get to walk away from that now that the ■■■■ is hitting the fan.


First time in a very long time no Hillary stories are posted in the front page.


The reason I think the tax cut has contributed is its direct impact of doubling the deficit in good financial times. That leads to pressure in capital markets and rate increases. Had the tax cut targeted middle class citizens that might have triggered consumer spending as an offset but the benefits were aimed only at the wealthy — presumably to trigger campaign contributions.

This will become clearer in April as it appears that % of Americans who get refunds from the IRS will drop dramatically due to withholding table changes.

It’s tough for Trump to balance his populist rhetoric with Republican tax policy.


Yep. The minority of Trump supporters who actually have money in retirement accounts and index funds were willing to root for it all to burn down until they realized that they were standing in the burning house, too.

Congrats, Trump supporters with a net worth over zero. You got what you wished for. A few more years of work for you, and you, and you, and you . . .


Of course Trump gets to walk away from it. He has spent seventy years on this earth taking credit for successes and walking away from failures. Can you name any reason why he should not successfully walk away from this one other than that you don’t want him to? Fingerprint is pointless; tell us how he will be held accountable.


He will never be held accountable for anything as long as he has 35% of the population will to throw chaff to obscure his failures.

The only accountability we will have will be electorally in 2020, at which point he and his sycophants need to be roundly repudiated.

At that point, he me be held to some criminal liability, but not until then.


That’s a great point about April. I have been brooding over that, personally. Me and my wife declare 0 exemptions and married. I withhold extra. But with the changes to the withholding table and the cap on the SALT deduction (i’ll see a significant decrease in deductions), I will likely owe quite a bit, even with additional withholdings.

I’m at least aware of it and prepared emotionally and have some set aside, but I bet it will be a rude and unhappy awakening for a lot of folks used to getting refunds.


Exactly, many people are going to be in for a rude awakening when they go to file their taxes and find out they owe money.

Going to be lots of news articles on it.


Greedy short-sighted moves like this that strengthen the allure of socialism.