Trump promotes conspiracy that got 11 people killed 4 days ago

I didn’t misundercomprehend anything. You aren’t taking a stand on anything. Just wishy washy non denouncement

I express my opinion on these boards and what the facts are. I am not required to give a thumbs up or thumbs down on everything just to make you happy.
I have unequivocally said that nothing Trump has said about Soros is in any way antisemitic.

But then you say he shouldn’t engage in baseless speculation

That is my opinion, yes. That is not equivocation, that is my opinion. He assumes Soros may be involved but he does not provide the evidence. I don’t think he should do that. However, Soiros has a history of funding left wing charges so there is a basis for suspicion…it is not based on antisemitism.

Not all ideas are simple, some are complex. I know. Its hard.

“Trump bad” is so much easier.

Yep…because I would not be surprised if the GOP holds the House.

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And there it is

Same here. Nor would I be surprised to see a Trump re-election in 2020. Our society is completely lost right now.

lol my god

There are some posts on this thread that speak of only “the right” also. I don’t see you getting all law and order about those.

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And there it is.

This thread is over 300 posts long. I havent read every single post in either it or this forum.

Exactly. The right mean anyone that right of em.

BUt they convince the people that’s not broad brushing.

It’s why I don’t pay any mind to libs anymore. I also think they’re going to be severally disappointed in couple days. I just don’t think American people likes em anymore.

This is just what we have to put up with now in the PC world. Libs come in, brigade us, report all of our posts and then make the same hypocrisy posts back and don’t get in trouble. See the hate? They want us gone.


Eat ur peas, lib.

See it? Here it is

Here’s some eye rolling for you. It seems to be the new way we communicate on this forum, lib.


So much hate

Libs peas real Americans say noes nos nose.

They makes me sad.





Tallahassee mass shooter was also just reported to be a crazed right wing Trump supporter

so in other words, no trump did not promote anything.