Trump pardons federal arsonists.(7-10-2018)


He pardoned two arsonists.


I am allowed to dissent.



So happy to see Fat Donald found something he is good at, granting pardons and clemencies to people who either can’t benefit from them (Jack Jackson) or who really didn’t deserve them (Joe Arpaio) et al.

MAGA :us:


Not angry, I’m laughing at the blatant hypocrisy.


Obama pardoned…


No my friend. It is a hypocrisy check.


What Trump is really doing is pardoning a bunch of people so the really dangerous ones (to Trump) will know they have a life line to lie for him. He’ll just pardon them.

And the Law & Order folks cheer.


Did Obama go around proudly taking about zero tolerance and having to follow the letter of the law?


Flash flood warning from liberal tears.



Cool. They can put out all the fires that Trump’s best friends like to set.




You do realize he specifically referenced prosecutorial discretion in that response, right?

Typical conservative. Only listened to the first sound byte.


Ummm…pardons are generally given to people who broke laws. Its not saying what they did was ok. I thought liberals were opposed to mandatory minimum sentences.


:rofl::rofl: this is priceless!

“Serial arsonists!”

“Slaughtered deer herds!”

Trump - Making it Rain Justice!


Can you please link to a post of you condemning Trump thx


And they aren’t “federal arsonists”.


Lol you can never just criticize Trump you always gotta have a “but liberrrraalllss” follow up


Ahh the classic “dems did it so now we will too” such principled cons





Well look who found his way back.


If you payed attention, you’d know that Trump has pardoned 7 criminals since taking office. One of them was post-mortem as the recipient died in 1946.