Trump pardons federal arsonists.(7-10-2018)


Well at least I know you’re terrible with logic too.


Ironically, he has signed the death warrants for any future nuts who might try this sort of thing.

The F.B.I. will likely go in guns a blazing, no quarter given if any rancher so much as brandishes a weapon. They will make a bloody example for anybody thinking about it.


About the same time the right stopped caring about values?


I was thinking something similar.


It his right to pardon.

Its my right to dissent.

This is america after all,



But Obama… Were nearly all of Obama’s commutations and pardons done through DOJ’s Guidelines??


It upsets liberals and is not technically illegal for Trump to do it, so therefore fine.


They get their jollies off upsetting liberals with their nonsense.



If Conservatives want to point out a Democrat President doing a very controversial and a bad pardon, than they should point out Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich.


Wow-real pieces of ■■■■.


And those of us who never voted for Bill Clinton would like to point out that the last last ran for office like a generation ago and tens of millions of Democrats today would never vote for him given his history.


Trump supports judges legislating from the bench.


Do you think this man, specifically, deserved to be pardoned?


So given that pardons are only given to people convicted of a crime, do you think that all presidents who used pardons opposed law and order? OR is your concern about law and order much more selective?


Not everyone is convinced of a crime rightfully. His pardon of Jack Johnson for instance.

You have to admit the irony of Trump on one hand professing his undying commitment to follow the letter of the law when it comes to immigrants but then turn around and pardon convicted felons. It’s also ironic that he supported a judge who decided to rewrite statues regarding sentencing.


Trump’s pardon of his political buddy Joe Arpaio was as bad as Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich, and Arpaio is now out here running for a six-year Senate term at 86 years old.


Your post is utter deranged nonsense.

This is what pardons do.


Welcome to America, feel free not to vote for Arpaio.


You don’t see the irony? I do. But then again I don’t worship the man. There’s nothing deranged about it.


Every president pardons someone. Such someones were convicted of a crime. What is deranged is thinking that Trump is not for law and order simply because he pardoned people.

It is ■■■■■■■ deranged, man. TDS. Frothing anger that cannot be explained. I expect you people to be barking next.