Trump, on NFL, suggests players who kneel 'shouldn't be in the country'

Calling the base racist is an absolutely untrue statement.

I disagree.

Doesn’t keep you from being wrong.

Nor you.

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Except I am absolutely right. Ever been around a Trump rally crowd? I bet not. All manner of people of any number of races having a wonderful time conversing and getting along while in lines a mile long to get in.

All this while the angry lefties drive by flipping us off and cursing to beat the band. We just ignore those foul people and continue having a good time.:grin:

That’ll show him!

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Cops murdering innocent black folks is OK because their dad wasn’t at home?!?

You’re proving that these players have a very good reason to kneel (or more.)

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And that isn’t surprising in any way.

Yeah, that was a strange response on his part.

man, Trump’s message will play really well in my neck of the woods.

you can’t say he’s not good at that one thing.

I went to one. It was white people in confederate flag t shirts.

Dollars to doughnuts, if NFL players wanted to pray on the field, various interests wouldn’t be calling love of Jesus expressed openly a distraction to be prohibited. It would be justified with the First AMendment guarantees Freedom of Religion and speech.

When the players have a cause they don’t support, though, then it’s a distraction, unpatriotic, costing the owners money, etc.

Useleess freaking hypocrites, IMO.

I agree with the President. You don’t like the country then get the hell OUT!! It’s pretty damned simple especially for spoiled overpaid rich athletes who can afford to live where ever they want.

I’m thinking this poster lives near me.

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Might even be extended family.

Keep in mind these nit wits are protesting the fairest, most just system in the world. If they think another country will treat them better, maybe they should go for it?

Let’s assume for a moment that this is true, that the US has the fairest, most just criminal justice system in the world.

So obviously this means it can’t possible be improved even more and so therefore we should just accept it for what it is?

That’s not true. Our justice system is barely mediocre if that.

What are you taking about? First off I’ve seen many players praying on the field and on the sidelines. No one has ever bitched about it.

Secondly it ain’t the players bitching about distractions and money. It’s the owners and knee jerk nationalists who are crying about the kneeling. The hypocrites are the ones in the pisser or at the concession stand when the anthem plays. “Yeah, I saw that overpaid spoiled rich athlete kneeling on the monitor while I was grabbing my nachos and beer. “

They point to heaven after free throws in basketball or touchdowns in football. Or homeruns in baseball. Goals in soccer.

Not sure I’ve seen it in curling though.