Trump, on NFL, suggests players who kneel 'shouldn't be in the country'

Keep in mind this is a man selling us out to foreign interests.

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■■■■ you trump. I’ll make sure to stay seated every time the national anthem is being played.


hot take: standing for the national anthem is the most autocratic thing we do as a nation and are all just sort of cool with.

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You are 100% correct.

I am waiting for the statement from the players association. From what I have seen there are many players that are not at all happy with this new rule. And en masse they do have power. Without them the owners do not have a product. Film at eleven.

I personally don’t think Trump gives a rats ass about the kneeling. He’s merely bitter over decades of slights from the NFL. First the whole USFL thing and implosion. Then the other owners blocking him from buying the Bills.

The kneeling issue was OVER last year with virtually no players kneeling and no one paying attention anymore until Trump opened his mouth. Then players in droves kneeled to protest him.

Now Trump makes sure to keep stirring the pot to keep the issue alive. Every time he does so it puts the NFL on the defensive (his goal) and hurts their bottom line (his other goal). Trump is petty and vindictive and this is absolutely in his character.

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Sort of ridiculous how the Owners messed this one up, eh?

Silent gestures in postures mostly associated with reverence are the least of anyone’s problems.

And this is about black rights, which makes the whole thing seem rather ham handed. Most of the players in the NFL are black, why stir the pot? Just acknowledge the rights of people to silently protest in this country and let the whole thing go the way of the ice bucket challenge.


Trump only cares about it because it’s red meat for his racist base.


nothing says love of country like silencing the right to protest peacefully.


Well, if you think slavery tainted the country, so bad you’ll never have a fair shake, why would you stay. Kind of what Kenye West was saying about being voluntary…

How about we work as a country to make the country better for all it’s citizens instead of trying to cast out those with who we disagree with?


Lol. Kanye is now a conservative hero… “Bush does care about black people” Kanye

People here still openly support slavery and oppose interracial marriage.

Well, he seems to think Trump does… Conservatives always like conservative American Blacks…

Who supports slavery? Heck, I think the income tax is a form of slavery.

Read any thread on the confederacy. I feel naming names will get me banned, so I will not.

Can you even name 3 conservative policy views that Kanye holds?

I don’t know, if he’s conservative. He may just like low taxes and capitalism.

They’re staying to make the country better.

Then they should vote for Trump. Obviously, Obama didn’t help.