Trump, on NFL, suggests players who kneel 'shouldn't be in the country'

Here ya go Mr. President!

Why? Unemployment is 45% under Trump! It’s a disaster. GDP is below 3% No jobs. Horrible debt. Interest rates through the roof. No one can afford a house.

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trump isn’t making the country better. He has sewn more divisiveness than any other president in history.

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Kanye West isn’t a conservative or a liberal. He’s a moron.

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Oh please. That is such a childish position. A modern advanced society like America could not function without taxation. Whether its income tax, a sales tax or some other tax, taxation is a necessary evil.

The vast majority of team owners are insanely rich, white, conservative men who don’t have the slightest desire to try to view the world through the eyes of the people they employ. They are so determined to not be seen as capitulating to the players in any way that they have only served to reignite this as a major controversy. I expect we’ll see players finding new ways to protest this year that aren’t explicitly prohibited in these idiotic new guidelines.


What he likes is saying/doing things that create headlines right before he releases content.

Because it is their country anyway.

To be fair the majority of NFL starting players are also extremely wealthy. Key positions like QB, RB, LB, TE, LB players are absurdly wealthy if they are great players. I’d give a finger or two to have even half of a starting QB’s yearly salary.

That’s impossible because of slavery in out past. It’s the original sin that can never be forgiven. See how that works…

No. Slavery is not in our past. We still have slavery.

See, you are proving my point. It’s impossible for a leftist to ever agree America is fixed because of slavery in our past. And yes sex trafficking, which is slavery, increased under Obama. Build the wall

There’s a difference between Tariffs, sales tax and income tax. You can chose to horde your money with a sales tax. No paper work. A lot more liberty. We had no income tax for the first hundred years.

We won’t be free of slavery until we get rid of all taxes.

Sale tax has choice.

Income tax has choice too.

The kneelers aren’t protesting the unfair shake that they’ve gotten. They are protesting the killing of innocent unarmed defenseless black people by cops.

It may (or may not) be an unfair shake that causes those cops to get away with murdering black folks. But the protest isn’t about slavery, but about innocent dead bodies at the hands of the police.

The high crime rates and murder rates in the black community are caused by lack of a father at home.

No you cant horde your money. You still need to buy things whether its food, clothes or some other item. I actually think a single sales tax makes more sense than income tax simply because it taxes everyone even those who earn money illegally or under the table.

The infrastructure of the United States during its first 100 years was very different to today or even 100 years after the formation of the United States. It would be impossible for society to function without some of sort of sales tax.

I get that you and others seem to think that the early years of the United States was some sort of utopia but it really wasn’t. Society has evolved and part of that evolution is that we all have a responsibility to contribute to the society we live in.

Totally untrue. It’s because of video games and rap music.