Trump - Major announcement tomorrow at 3pm EST


You still don’t seem to understand that Jerusalem has been Israel’s capital since Statehood - which was in 1948.

And please learn the difference between capitol and capital.


Well, not exactly where “we” were in December.

Government contractors lose a month’s worth of income. Ancillary businesses around the government lose a month worth of revenue.

Donald Trump loses 7% in his favorability ratings, even in the Republican leaning Rasmussen Poll (support for Trump at 43% in Rasmussen, down from 50% in December).


Trump will offer the house a lifetime supply of delicious Trump steak


And he gets to be the hero for getting workers paid. There is an emergency…and it is federal workers not getting paid.


Please let him declare an emergency. Then the House and Senate will have to vote on whether to allow him and there is no way to prevent the vote.


No matter what Trump does the media will treat him unfairly. The real emergency is the media’s credibility.


What a sad, pathetic tweet.


Absolutely hilarious. So Trump is going to offer to extended DACA protections as a compromise…two days after the Supreme Court refused to hear the case extending DACA protections for a minimum of another year. Brilliant!


“Newt Gingrich told me”
This is High School clique talk. :rofl:


He either doesn’t understand that DACA is safe until 2020 or he hopes that enough people don’t understand that. He thinks that compromising means giving the Democrats what they already have. Isn’t that good enough?


You forget cons hate education.


House Democrats just beat Trump to the punch by offering 1 billion in a spending bill for additional border security


Yeah I know. We went through a government shutdown and all the consequences to ultimately end up with a similar funding bill to what we had in December. Completely pointless and harmful government shutdown.


Harmful to who? I haven’t missed a beat. Tell these sorry dems who voted for 50b 8 years ago for a wall to put their spiteful behavior away and get this done otherwise you gov employee better find another job cause it’s going to be a long,long time before the gov opens again…:you can count on it and I support our prez 150%


The 800,000 Americans not receiving paychecks because of the shutdown


Maybe he’ll resign. I can hope, can’t I?


Oh, NEWT said it?

Well that makes all the difference, doesn’t it?


Lord what an insecure clown.


I’m sure if it had been Obama demanding almost 6 billion for climate change adaptation policies or he’d keep the government shut down indefinitely- you would have said that the GOP were spiteful if they didn’t negotiate and compromise on that right?

Come on man.


Well for one thing most clear thinking people know climate change is a not real just another way for government to intrude on everyone’s life, however a wall in a real, tangible thing that WORKS