Trump - Major announcement tomorrow at 3pm EST


You could say that of almost every President in history, which is why you keep switching from “deficit” to “debt” when speaking of Obama.

Compare apples with apples. The annual DEFICIT went down almost every year under Obama.

In 2+ years under Trump, the DEFICIT has EXPLODED. In a growing economy to boot.


I’m sort of baffled by the hypocrisy of your comment. What would you consider the Joker?


Making Jerusalem the capitol pissed off a lot of Democratic Politicians.


He did declare the NK threat over.

He was wrong about that.



Repeal and replace ObamaCare - his grade drops to B
Investigate Hillary - grade drops to C
Start building the wall - grade drops to D

Not good.


Then why did he say that North Korea was no longer a nuclear threat?


Curious why you keep posting a “Dems are bad, example A”, then try and be apolitical by saying both parties suck?


Why would Israel naming Jerusalem as their capitol piss off people in the US? Their country, they get to decide what their capitol is.


A fictional character?


Is that bad? Would you consider that a sign of a bad President?


They’re not his planes.


Since when does this administration care about our close friends? He’s been pissing off our close friends for his entire administration.


Obama inherited a $1.3trillion deficit, 800,000 jobs lost a month, and 2 wars. He proceeded to cut the deficit by more than 50%.

Trump inherited 5% unemployment and a stable economy. He proceeded to in 2 years, double the deficit back to almost 2009 levels.


It’s a “ major announcement”. Maybe he won a major award like a fragile leg lamp.


To tackle the debt you need to first tackle the deficit. Clinton did this by leaving with a surplus. Obama did this by cutting the deficit he inherited by 60%+. Do you know how deficits and debt work? Do you realize that the deficit Obama inherited was 10% of our GDP at the time? What, you think during a financial crisis Obama should have cut our GDP by another 10%?


Lowering our deficits in near record amounts is the first step in reducing debt. Too bad Trump and bush did the opposite. Hey whats the last GOP president that didnt increase the deficit? Did you know the last 2 Democrats decreased the deficits they inherited?


It’s Italian so it’s pronounced fragillee… :joy:


Trump pronounced it that way. He tells us all “look at my major award”


This announcement will be yuuuge


I have it on good authority that Trump will announce that MAGA hats will be available in new designer colors.

And Nancy can’t have one.