Trump - Major announcement tomorrow at 3pm EST

This is where he declares a national emergency…

This is all he has left after Pelosi punked his ass.


Lol - he makes an announcement to say that he is making an announcement. Nothing like looking for attention.

But, hey - it keeps the attention off of Mueller’s report, so there is that.

If he does declare a national emergency tomorrow, it may actually be a smart move. Courts won’t be open until Monday, so it will take a couple of days for the challenges to be filed.

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“I have decided to change my party affiliation to democrat.”

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Tuesday…it’s MLK Day Monday.

Trudeau standing up to China and Suadi Arabia.
Trump annoying little brat.

Here’s how it plays out.

  • Trump declares emergency to fund border wall. Border walls aren’t built overnight.
  • A “clean” government funding bill is almost immediately passed.
  • Trump’s “emergency” is thrown out or delayed long term in the courts.
  • Wall is not funded.
  • Trump blames activist courts for wall failure. As he continues to pride himself on his Supreme Court justice picks.

So in the end, we end up the same as we would have if a spending bill had been passed in December.


Oh yeah - forgot about that.

Can’t wait!

Well laid out.

You mean the same Nancy he ordered to stay home? That Nancy? :blush:

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Not bad. But I don’t think that he will be backing down on the wall. But I could be wrong. We will find out soon.

That’s quite a bold prediction “i could be right or I could be wrong.”

I know right? As bold as three day old Arabian coffee. My boldness is one of my most attractive features. Again, thanks for noticing.

He didn’t order her to stay home. He can’t do that.

He can make it so dangerous for her to travel that she can’t leave home, which is a special level of deplorable behavior.

It’s kind of sad to miss out on acknowledgement in one’s life and need to go to an anonymous political website to get it.

Fair enough. He just told her that she can’t use one of his planes.

trump doesn’t own any government planes.

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They aren’t his planes.