Trump - Major announcement tomorrow at 3pm EST


“A 58 percent majority agrees with the scientific consensus — and disagrees with Trump — that climate change is being caused by human activity.“

“59 percent of Americans – oppose building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. It’s a partisan issue, though.”


You thing these are the same poll that said Hillary would win in a landslide? Hmmm


Only 30% of the country are clear thinkers?

About 7 in 10 respondents said climate change is happening, according to results released yesterday from the University of Chicago and the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.


No poll aggregate ever said that- stop. She pretty much won the popular vote by what most of the averages said she would win by- about plus 2 percent. Stop making things up.


You are right about one thing only about 30% of Americans are clear thinkers, the rest are media puppet who believe whatever some clown on CNN tells them, to lazy or blinded by their own ideaolgy to do any research


LOL, yes the ones believing everything that comes out of an orange haired conman are the one thinking clearly. You run with that


Uh bottom line they were wrong and have rarely been right so maybe you live your live on poll or “scientific research” but I live in the real world. Hey here’s a challenge for you intellectually gifted leftists. How many predictions in the last,say 100yrs have they got right, I’ll save you some time 0, zippo, nada so base your life on reasearch grant seeker, not me


I don’t get into debates over climate change with folks who pretend it’s not real. Might as well argue with a flat earther. There isn’t any debate in the scientific community. But just so you know- Americans overwhelmingly believe in climate change and overwhelmingly don’t think a wall in the border is a great idea. That…is the real world.


Oh…he ordered her? Got a link to that order? Got a link to the law or Constitutional article that gives him the power to order her?


He didn’t have to order her, what plane did she use? Now who really got punked


Nothing burger speech.


Listened to his announcement over someone’s phone, through blue tooth speaker, at a women’s march party. It was cringe worthy. He comes across even worse than when you see him on TV. Didn’t think that was even possible.


Maybe he should use Botox like fancy Nancy. As a famous American once said “ the women’s movement was born to give ugly women a forum”.


Donald Trump’s speech was very exciting. He forced Nancy Pansy into a corner. The Democrats will have to give Trump what he wants. If they don’t meet his demands then they seem to want people to suffer. The government cannot open, and the dreamer will be deported because the Democrats will not reach an agreement with Trump. Sad. Donald Trump is sitting in his office, so maybe the Democrats will now release the hostages.


Sorry but your act is getting old now.



Nothing “berder”.


As if yours was ever good.


At least I do not portray myself as someone else.


The suspense was killing us. 45 dead