Trump: Kim Jong Un "loves his people"



Nobody said it’s not worth the effort…good job adding. Nothing of value in this post


Just wish he had better things to say to our allies ya know.


Don’t forget about the three generations of punishment policy.


Is anyone surprised that Trump would heap such praise on Un?

Trump was the one who looked at the tiki torch rally in Charlotteseville and saw some “really fine people”.

Besides, Donny likes to get in bed with communists, he married two of them and has been wooing Pootie’s booty.


wait what?


I also grew up in the DC area (Arlington) but used “oxen-free”.


not till a democrat does it huh?
we understand


As long as they aren’t white, Republicans are down with Kim Jong Uns atrocities. Although most are just too stupid to understand the North Korean situation. Keep in mind this is the party that almost elected a pedophile and DID elect an admitted sex offender.


It’s okay for you to admit you don’t understand the situation. It saves us all from having to use the crayons to explain it to you.


so many angry, seething trump hating posters…

out of ideas… watching trump achieve…resorting to insults


…while our “allies” take advantage of us.

he’s not interested in making international platitudes. he appears to want results that benefit Americans. like you! (assuming you are a legal citizen)


I made my case clearly and factually. You’ve contributed nothing to the discussion.


you said the same thing to me a week or so ago.

must have been traumatic for you


Really? Got a link?


you even posted a picture of a doll.

or… was it one of your lib look-alikes?


So wait, you lied?



Hey I did! Cool.

Did you ever show us where you were touched?


This is really truly amazing. When that languagage was used by the previous President it was deemed to be an apology tour. All of a sudden logic has refurnefh to the right


libs here are posting like children that have no understanding of world affairs.

You don’t negotiate deals with your friends. You negotiate them with your enemies. And superpowers don’t respond to taunts. Superpowers focus on what is it that we need to do in order to preserve our national security and the national security of our allies and our friends.