Trump: Kim Jong Un "loves his people"


Yes, you negotiate deals with your friends. You negotiate deals with everyone in international politics.

Superpowers don’t suck up to tin pot dictators. At least not until Trump came around.

Your posting like a blind Trump worshiper.


He also praised China’s handling of the tianaman square protesters.


Pray tell what are our allies in canada doing to take advantage? Yeah… our allies are worse than NK…


XD you cant make this **** up


oh… my bad. I forgot to post the source of that opinion


Well done Ishmael.

Obama is indeed incorrect. You negotiate deals with everyone. His administration did just as much as anyone else.


I’m a kitty-corner guy.

Growing up, I said soda. In third grade I moved to the next state where they said pop. After a couple years I acclimatized. Now, I live in Texas where they say coke. Dammit, I ain’t changing! And coke? That’s a specific beverage, not a synonym for pop!


MN is pop, WI is soda.


Yeah, seems like it’s more in the Southeast of the US where it’s referred to as Coke by some. I’m wondering if my WI friend had any ties to the SE now. He’s passed, so a mystery it shall remain.


theyve been saying this for months now

as though so few realize what jokes cnn and mcnbc are


in trade, in some ways yes

who said “worse than north korea”?


Within days he trashes our closest ally and praises a murderous dictator… how is that even remotely ok?


Cool. Americans now taking the side of a tinpot ■■■■■■■■ dictator who has systematically oppressed his people for his own personal enrichment.

This is what America has become, people. Giving big thumbs up to ■■■■■■■■■■ like Putin, Kim, Erdogan, Duterte. And just look at who is praising this. Remember the names. Because when Trump and his acolytes are out of power they’ll try to deny their support. But this is the America they want. Make no mistake. This is exactly what they want.


I’m pretty sure our allies have written him off. They’re gonna do their own thing without us cause everyone can plainly see he’s a loose canon that can’t be trusted.


The truly weird thing is how never misses a chance to ■■■■ on actual friendly democratic leaders like Trudeau and can’t wait to lick autocrats faces like an eager puppy.


That reminds me. Was Rubio intentionally trolling Trump with this Tweet? LOL. It probably deserves its own thread. This description rings oddly familiar . . .


this “praise” is part of the process that will eventually, hopefully, lead to denuking and maybe even more openness to the west.

a good thing for everyone.

boy, trump gets grief for tough talk on Kin. then gets grief for nice talk. it’s like no matter what the left and democrats will never approve of anything trump does huh?

doesnt matter. at least a US president, for once, is actually trying to achieve real security and peace with a rogue nation.


Oh wow, the troll level on this tweet is over 9000. That is epic.


Yeah, when I first saw it out of context, I thought it was a hoax.


Can’t Trump ever be moderate? I mean yeah, threatening nuclear holocaust is bad. And yeah, calling Kim a wonderful person is bad. Why does he always have to be so extreme?

Don’t be absurd with saying he’s the first to try to achieve peace and security. That’s factually untrue and I’ve posted the evidence to the contrary.