Trump: Kim Jong Un "loves his people"


Man you guys change your minds about foreign policy quicker than you change your underwear.


I would think a reasonable person would treat allies better than a hostile dictator and not then roll out a propaganda film for him… just sayin.


Haha lil marco nailed it.

How bout this awesome tweet from 2016?



no. he cant be “moderate” because he doesnt want to get walked all over. this “extremeness” is part of the trump package. what matters now is effectiveness. not trudeau’s feelings

using marquess of queensberry rules has been the norm which has always put the US at a disadvantage. trump shows up with a broken bottle.

keep hoping it woks


do you want “reasonable” or “effective?”

“both” is not possible in the bar scene from star wars world


no we dont


Wrong. Trump’s rhetoric puts us at a disadvantage. It makes it clear that nothing he said is reliable or lasting. He can and does change his mind from one extreme to another often.


so far its been more effective than anything and anyone else

we ll see how willing kim is to keep his word thinking trump is half ■■■■■■ and ready to flip out

and not afraid of their own jackass press


In North Korea?

Actually no. It hasn’t. He’s gotten less from NK than other administrations while giving up more.

It works on you guys, but that’s hardly saying much.


trump is shaking hands for real reasons not just to shake hands like precious obama


give it time

one summit was not meant to fix all of the mistakes of the previous admins


You’re whipped, my friend.


He just loves his people to death!


Moving the goal posts. You said it’s been more effectice, now you’re saying I have to wait to see if it’s effective.

Get your story straight.


no just not brainwashed by the democrat media

obama accomplished nothing by “shaking hands” with castro. stand up and power clap

trump is trying to get nukes out of hands of someone who has been threatening to use them. tell us what a waste of time that is

youre a peachy peach


oh baloney. its a process and he can be effective to some degree at any point

pls try to pick something meaningful to bicker over


And America weeps.


He can, but he hasn’t.

You rarely talk about what has happened, rather than what you think will happen. I think that speaks to the weakness of your argument.

I’d love to continue a discussion, but you have to at least have some consistency and honest to do so.


as i said (consistently) everything wont be accomplished in one meeting. its a process

but you need to have some idiotic hook to make it all look like a bad idea. i understand


yeah nothing sadder than the renewed hope of a rogue state denuking.