Trump: Kim Jong Un "loves his people"


dont want to talk about obama anymore huh? lol


Feel free to deflect to Obama all you desire. Just know it reeks of desperation.

Ready to answer the original, first question I put to you? If not, don’t feel ashamed to bring up Obama again. It’s a common reflex for Donald sycophants.


Kim is stable. He’s stable enough that you find him to be an adequate negotiating partner, which coincidentally is an opinion only recently held by American conservatives.

Kinks threats were about as realistic as Trump’s praise. We are just as close if not closer to being vaporized today as on the last day of the Obama administration.


Wait, is Obama still president?


theres no need to answer your strawman desperate question about the “cec” over the past 10 years because it is entirely irrelevant.

trump has achieved a lot this week. hope it lasts. comparing it to what the past admins s not “desperation” but history.

begging questions about the cec since 2000-whatever… pure desperation

you poor man


theres agreement to denuke if you want to ignore or dismiss it fine but the fact is it is progress

thats right. progress with “gasp what about north korea” we ve heard for years, thanks to the ■■■■■ grabbing hillary bad-beating manifestly pro-american deplorable leader your president Trump



please try and keep up


I have.

Obama left in 2017.

Seems you still want him as president, so you can blame bad ■■■■ on him.

Show me how I’m wrong.


It’s a common reflex.

“So, Donald’s tweet this morning was -”


“Ok, but Donald repeated that he -”


“Don’t you think that maybe -”



“AHA! Can’t hang with my awesome debate skills, can you lib?”


If you know anything about North Korean history, you’ll know it isn’t progress. It’s basically the same they’ve said repeatedly fir the last 30 years and have never lived up to their end.

Before you reply, be sure to wipe the spittle off your keyboard. It might improve the accuracy of you typing.


There it is…cnn…its a real problem for you huh?


good grief…


There is nothing on paper because they didnt have time…

They’ve done this for the past 30 years… by all means look like an idiot if they back out…


ok summits and peace talks a waste of time. got it

what do you suggest instead?

and, what about when a democrat is in office?


Well, it’s good that you can classify your grief as “good”.

Glad you are working thought these issues.



Honestly, if you want to have a actual discussion you have to stop doing that.

Talks are great. I have every right to point out where we’ve had troubles in the past. I have every right to critique their actions where I see fit. I have every right to remind you that we are a long ways away from anything.

Don’t get ahead of yourself out of a desire to gloat over your political foes.


it’s worth an effort to make something work.

if we judged chances of peace based on history no progress would ever be made

wheres all the “progressiveness” in so called progressives nowadays?

unvetted refugees - safe!
wide open borders - dont worry “bout it

this is all part of the grand media excuse that since mother harvard obama and others didnt (couldnt) do it, it was because they knew better

just like maddow says imagine that


i do. so lets stop with the notion that this was never done before because others before knew not to do it

of course it’s tenable. but lets celebrate baby steps and try trusting (while verifying, with a big crazy unpredictably maniacal stick)


Feel free to answer my original question without a deflection and you won’t reinforce the caricature.


The summit was a big show with little substance, which isn’t surprising given our president’s background.

You are constantly asking us not to think for ourselves, just to follow. Not going to happen.