Trump: Kim Jong Un "loves his people"


West coast.

“Ollie, ollie oxen come in free.”



Criticizing a meeting that we were told for what, four election cycles, should NEVER happen unless clear pre-conditions were set prior? One that seemingly was put together last minute and resulted in a “letter” that did not move the ball any further than previous agreements?

You mean actually following through on ideology? How terrible!




That’s a hoot coming from a Trumpist.


I’ve lived in Alabama for 40 years. When I first got here, people called all soft drinks “coke”. My ex-wife did it for a year or two until I could break her from saying it.



This joke was done well. That said, I laughed way to hard at it.


Nope. Never even heard of using Coke as a generic for any soda. We say “pop” though. :slight_smile:


I was mistaken. Thanks Lucy. How about a “stop-and-go-light” is that on your radar?


[quote=“NebraskaFootball, post:69, topic:3985”]
I was mistaken. Thanks Lucy. How about a “stop-and-go-light” is that on your radar?

Absolutely. I remember Grandpa and Grandma and rural small towners using that phrase. Probably because they were around when the first ones were installed.


not good to make peace and have summits with nuclear rogue nations?

you hate trump so bad you prefer a nuclear exchange?


Uh oh. My buddy from WI is about my age. Did I just publicly age myself. :man_facepalming:


What a strawman argument. Do people actually think this way?


Yea, that’s the only other alternative. You’re boring.


Lol it’s definitely not a phrase that passed into the next generations. I think they used to gather round the new stop and go light in town in the evening for the entertainment factor.


“strawman” my ass. this is real news - it happened. agreements are being made. talks of denuclearization and openess to western style commerce.


dont talk to anyone or make any summits unless they have good hunan rights records…?

like Iran?

this is a good first step in bringing and end to such atrocities dont you think?


So you agree with the President that Kim loves his people?


Good god you don’t even realize you’re doing it. It’s just so natural.


oh ok you just want to sarcastically launch the typical leftist hate and dismiss any other point of view

knee buckling shocked