Trump issues new pardons

ISIS agrees! At least the survivors do.


ISIS didn’t even exist when they killed all those unarmed Iraqi civilians.

TFW when you reflexively use your taking points without even knowing what you’re discussing.

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The Duncan Hunter thing is so amazing. Did I just read that he bought airline tickets to Hawaii and took his rabbit? How did I miss this?

Blamed his son for buying video games too.

His wife pled guilty… But she didn’t get a pardon

Killing 8 and 11 year old Iraqis is a pardonable offense now?


War crimes? Pish posh.

Biden will pardon himself and his son. I heard it’s ok for president to do that now. :innocent:

Former border patrol agents Ramos and Compean also got pardons from Trump. They were convicted of shooting a drug smuggler in the butt back in 2006. They went to prison in 2007 and had their prison sentences commuted by President Bush in 2009. Several members of Congress asked Bush to commute their prison sentences before he left office and so he did.

At this rate he will pre-pardon Ted Cruz’s dad for shooting kennedy


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Some people are always carping about how nobody in government ever gets convicted, and then when they do they go pardoned and they defend THAT.

Because they are Republicans, it’s ok, and if some war criminals get pardoned along the way then it’s worth the lib tears.

Lib tearz hurrr durrr. American exceptionalism, don’t hear too much of that kind of talk any more.


Is that illegal?

You were watching CNN? :man_shrugging:

Lol. Does anybody even watch cnn? Y’all fret about that, so much, all the time.

Are you referring to Ilhan Omar and her husband, and to AOC’s indian campaign manager?

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How about Chris Collins cries in court to go easy on his son.

Trump pardon’s collins but not the son.

Haha these dumb asses can’t even get clean right.

That is why the fine print was created.
And it is no longer hundreds of thousands, it’s tens of millions and going up.

“Philip Esformes, a former Miami Beach healthcare mogul convicted of playing a central role in one of the nation’s biggest Medicare fraud cases and using his ill-gotten millions to pay bribes for favors, won a commutation of his 20-year sentence from President Donald Trump Tuesday night”

A real pillar of the community…

Well to be fair I hear that Doral needs some sprucing up.

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