Trump issues new pardons

including 2 convicted congressmen (chris collins and duncan hunter)
George Papadopoulos and 4 blackwater contractors convicted of killing 14 iraqis.

im not surprised. i expect hes going to try and pardon everyone who has aided him.
hopefully they can be brought up on state charges or new charges once trump is nothing more than a fecal stain on teh presidency

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Free the swamp.


His policies though…

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Lol the most pro-Putin congressman we’ve ever had.

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So it’s okay to steal hundreds of thousands in campaign funds for personal use now?

Aren’t those the Blackwater dudes that unloaded into a crowd of unarmed Iraqis on camera? The reason that Blackwater had to change its name three times before Erik Prince sold it to go try to trick the Chinese into giving him a military Air Force? The reason that Bush and Obama couldn’t negotiate an agreement to keep American troops in country?

Watch Duncan Hunter run, and win in 2022.

These pardons are a move by a man who - despite what he says - knows he won’t be President in a month.

Good for him.

Hopefully he won’t pardon joe, hunter, jim or any other biden crime family members, or any of the rest of the criminal cabal.

Have a nice day.

This is all it comes down to. If Donald Trump likes you and thinks you love him, you can get a pardon. Doesn’t matter what you’ve done. These are just awful.

You have no issues with any of these? Was the legal system just being mean to Hunter and Collins?


These do not effect your life. When Biden reduces the border to total chaos, it will. Bigly.

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Why. They’re corrupt congressmen convicted of crimes by juries of their peers? Should they not serve the appropriate sentences?

Shouldn’t be a surprise. Trump is identity politics. People identify with him, therefore what he does…whatever he does, is justified. His followers have used the election to prove that beyond any doubt. Trump has known this at least as early as his “standing in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone” talk. It’s not rhetoric.


Because. The democrats and the republicans are opposed to officials from their own party’s being held accountable. Right? When was the last prominent dem to be charged with anything. Much less jailed?

Good Lord. Get it out, Get it all out. You only have a month to go. After that who will you blame for everything? You need to plan ahead. You’re almost out of time.


Anthony Weiner, Corrine Brown…There are a bunch. It’s not hard to look up. You know what they never got? Pardons.

You issue pardon’s to people who have committed crimes, not to the innocent.
Look up Marc Rich.

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Yeah, I don’t want to hear any more complaints about the Marc Rich pardon from any Trump supporters who are fine with these and a lot of his previous ones.