Trump issues new pardons

And you shouldn’t…if Trump granted a pardon to someone who donated millions to the Republican party after his conviction but before his pardon.

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Blame? Who am I blaming and what am I blaming them for? I guess this is a good a time as any for Trump martyrdom to start. It will be the predominant message from the right for the next four years. I’ll mark it off on the calendar.

True. And Al Franken got booted. It’s tough to rally behind creepers and pervs. Which the dems have more than their share of.

Corrine who?

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maybe the iraqis could rendition the 4 blackwater ops back to iraq to stand trial.

Yes, Mark it.


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So you admit that Democratic congressmen do get charged with crimes and do go to jail. So your problem doesn’t seem to be with Democrats. The problem here is that the Republican president just pardoned two scumbag congressmen who were guilty of their crimes because Trump likes them.

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And if you’re going get upset about Democrats not getting convicted or serving time, maybe do some research so you’re actually aware of things that have actually happened instead of just complaining without even knowing anything about it.

trump is going to force vigilante justice on some of these scumbags.
if justice cant be served thru the legal system people might start taking matters into their own hands

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trump is counting on it being ok…

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Whom do you think is going to be in his president in exile army afterall?

And you know he’ll pardon his family members just to stir the ■■■■ …

Krap I think you’re right.

Oh well. I’m not upset about it. Glad to see it happen. Does this make me a bad person? Uhm Yes! :smiling_imp:

Pot, Pot,
This is Kettle over…

Do you think Joe will pardon his? Or just shut it down?

I strongly disagree with Trump’s pardon of Collins and Hunter. I don’t really have a problem with Papadopoulos pardon. I don’t know that much about the 4 blackwater contractors incident in Iraq, so I don’t know if I agree with those pardons. I never served in the military.

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Do you still subscribe to the whole Russian disinformation crap? The KGB created the fake Hunter computer? Hunter was hired for millions based on his knowedge of energy companies and general brilliance? It had nothing to do with his dad being second in command in the United States? Right?

Newsflash. When Biden takes over, this investigation is as dead as Millard Fillmore.

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4 more years!!

4 more years!!

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Those are the worst of the lot.