Trump IS the Whistleblower! Fighting For ALL Of Us, Cleaning out the Swamp

This ridiculous scripted circus from the dimocrats has got to stop before it’s too late. These corrupt swamp-dwellers think they can overturn the will of the American people with one phony story after another, and the pattern is always the same.

Fantasy fiction scripted to keep things going and going.

Get rid of the corrupt bidens

I hope trump does get to meet his accuser. The traitor whistle-blower is rotten.


The whistleblower is concerned for their own safety, as well as the safety of others. I think Trump’s comments had no small part in that. I’m pretty sure it’s in the whistleblower’s best interest to avoid personal meetings with Trump.

Oh, he will meet lots and lots of “whistleblowers” and accusers… Many of the he will have considered to be loyal friends until the subpoenas started flying…

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It was Tiffany all along!


so we are just calling treason now, that is a thing.


Right? But everything is fine, it will all shakes out to be nothing

Sounds like something a dictator would say


Hey, nothing says cool, collected, and respect for whistleblower laws than the president threatening “big consequences” for the whistleblower et al.

Yuuuge consequences

but he isn’t a WB he is a SPY for the deep state.

It’s becoming obvious that “deep state” really means those against Trump and for Constitution and country. Sad!

What? Are you telling me…a virtual spotlight of personal safety wouldn’t be upon this man…IF…he came clean with anything he actually knew to be true? Stop the drama. Ending his life would draw the spotlight of truth right to this situation and expose all those corruptly involved. What you suggest may be true…IF…Donald’s last name was…CLINTON. It isn’t though so…rest ez this evening.

There is a reason why WB complain are anonymous.

How much of what Giuliani’s is spewing does he know to be true?

Rush Limbaugh on his radio show just this last Friday claimed that Donald Trump is the real whistleblower.

That 11 dimensional chess

Holy crap.

(I’ve been saying that a lot lately, for some reason…)

You will be saying often in the coming months… The idea that administration insiders will risk going to keep covering for Trump is laughable at best…

Imagine where trump world would be if weed were federally legal

Rush and his Trump mythology…it’s just fascinating to me, frankly.