Trump IS the Whistleblower! Fighting For ALL Of Us, Cleaning out the Swamp

The will of the American people is to have the Democrats currently running Congress. During the 2018 midterm elections, the Democrats won as many as 40 House seats and won a Senate seat from Arizona for the first time in 30 years. The Founding Founders intended that the Legislation branch of Government to be the most powerful out of the three branches.

More people not supporting Trump i see. Just amazing.

They’re getting tired of this clown.

Its a very odd whistleblower situation. Why would three officials come to the same CIA agent who then, on his own, decides this is fraud, waste or abuse within the IC community?
What are the odds of this?



Fat donald, who’s in charge of the military threatens civil war if he’s removed from office.

It’s only going to get more dangerous after this. Fat donald is a clear and present danger to every single American. He needs to resign.


At 1:11am

isn’t how the Handmaiden tale started with a Evangelical uprising

Will they be first-hand knowledge “whistleblowers” from before August??

Or second/third- hand “whistleblowers” from after August??


Another nothingburter to cover for the corrupt bidens.


I like how you guys keep repeating the N hand talking point, as if investigators can’t go right to a source to verify

Not sure… I’ll bet they are at least as first-hand as Giuliani, diGenova and Toensing

trump is scaring all of the whistle-blowing snowflakes into saying all kinds of crazy things.


So now you want to include whistle-blower protections to people who didn’t come forward??

Very interesting. Just make up new rules like you’re adam schiff.


Well said.


Tell that to the new york times.




But impeach away. Impeach away.

What is that carrot asterik you keep doing

They’re all safe from the likes of phony nancy pelosi and fanboy schiff. Those two incompetent idiots are just making it up as they go.


That scumbag idiot pelosi is too afraid of her moderates to have an actual vote on this. She’s just letting the crazies push her where no one wants to go.