Trump IS the Whistleblower! Fighting For ALL Of Us, Cleaning out the Swamp

Just another scripted fantasy because emotionally crippled snowflakes still can’t get over losing an election, so they want to scream at the sky.


Looks like he just quoted someone else saying that.


And to actually be honest about it, the quote says “Civil War like fracture”.

But we know dimocrats are doing all kinds of funny things with quotes these days.

Carry on.


In your opinion, why would he quote that statement?

Am I alone here in saying, “GOOD!!” Bring those traitorous ■■■■■ up to testify. We all deserve to know their names.


He likes Pastor Jeffress. Pastor Jeffress likes him.

What’s the crime now?? Re-tweeting??


So, donnie wants a trial? Because that’s when someone meets their accuser…in a trial.

I have to admit every hour you seem more scared and unhinged by this possible impeachment

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Man , I’m just laughing at all of this.

I triple-dog dare pelosi to impeach trump.

She doesn’t have the guts an she knows her crazies aren’t going anywhere when she doesn’t do it.


I hope that we can get rid of the Republican Swamp especially! Weather it’s Republican Politicians, or the Republican Media Swamp, that pretend to be Conservatives, but are really just traitors, and nothing but Bush lovers.

Keep in mind that several of the Bush’s were perfectly fine with Abortion!
and the Bush’s also sold out this country in several ways, and were far from actual Conservatives! Perhaps, that is why the Bush’s, and the people that worked for them a lot of them hate Trump, or at least pretend to like him.
(cough, cough, karl rove!)

Lol. The whistleblower is a protected class.

Why would trump get to meet him/her?

An impeachment trial is not a criminal trial.

Trump will not go to jail if convicted, only removed from office.


What does she get when she does?

A Whoopie cushion.


Only a gullible twit would believe hearsay!:rofl:

You should keep it. It’s a testament to your style. In fact, I bookmarked it and took a screenshot for future reference.

Well, if we’d gone strictly by “the will of the people” Hillary Clinton would be president right now so this wouldn’t even be a thing.

This is nonsense. Are we seriously debating this?
So the OP want Trump to find out and meet the accuser. That is about the stupidest thing I have read on this board in a couple of weeks. Not only do we have laws in place to protect the whistle blower what YOU and the president want would put the life of this person in danger. With these fools running around here talking crazy as if their life depends on supporting Trump, all he is doing is putting a target on the whistle blower. This jerk sounding like a mob boss trying to put a hit on a private citizen. The whistle blower and the 12 people who HEARD Trump are doing their job for the security of this country. The president got CAUGHT, point, blank and simple.

It’s hard to believe that American citizens are willing to lose their ■■■■ for a man who could care less about ALL American citizens.


The real question is…is there any criminal wrong doing in Trump asking the Ukrainian leader to investigate and expose the truth of what exactly took place regarding Biden and Biden’s son? Stay focused here BT. Do you stand for truth or is that different when it’s the wrong political side being scrutinized?

We already know that.

Mornin LuLou. Hope all is good around your way?

I’m truly amazed at how much is known by so few…and yet…they’re satisfied.

It’s like people think history began with Donnie, and everything before is newly discovered and unknown.