Trump inaugural committee ordered to hand over documents to Federal Investigators


If you’re a criminal I guess they consider that torture.


There is a reason you don’t say what they pleaded guilty of.


They pled guilty to false statements so they can cooperate with the effort to bring down Trump. You act like trying to destroy Trump is wrong.

Trying to destroy Donald Trump and his family is the most American thing you can do.


Massive TDS. So, bad they want a coup of a duly elected president. … Name a policy you don’t like. His approval is back to 48%, so the media efforts are silly.


Imputing corruption in the legal system is the only way they can continue to maintain the facade of Trump’s innocence.

I like listening to the radio.


Who wants a “coup”?


Making false statements to FBI. Is that cool with you ?


Waterboarding’s not torture.

Something far, far worse went on here. Speculation likely cannot overstate the enormity of the human rights violations engaged by the DOJ against the President’s supporters. They may even have been forced to watch the Super Bowl Half Time show. The sky is the limit.


Russia is a country where you need a mafia kryusha (a “roof”) to even open a business there or they will shoot your people dead in the street during rush hour in central Moscow.

Hey, wait a minute, wasn’t someone important trying to open a business in Russia?


It goes deeper than that…

They need to incorporate the massive corruption of law enforcement into their fantasies to hold up their main fantasy that their side is pure and innocent while those they hate are guilty of numeeous crimes…

This is why conversations with most conservatives are usually about reality and their refusal to accept it…


Same person who knows about shooting people on a busy street and not losing worshippers…


You guys do know Felix Sater is a Russian wiseguy, right?


yes, because the FBI is worse than the Russian Mafia or something.


And that his connection to Bayrock capital partnering with Trump Soho was a huge money laundering operation.


Purely aspirational. Never advanced beyond the idea stage. They totally dropped the idea in 1987.

Hey, there’s some brown people over there!


Working illegally in my hotel!


I’m shocked! Shocked to hear about it!


Law and Order President :thinking:


Wow, you can make up stuff as easily as Trump. The RCP average today is 41.1%. There is no poll at 48%. But thanks for playing.


What a water of taxpayer money