Trump inaugural committee ordered to hand over documents to Federal Investigators


It’s one of the most damaging things being done by this Presidency. Who knows how permanent this damage to our nation’s Law Enforcement Institutions will be.

One thing is certain, Putin wins every single time this line of thought is professed by an American.


If you knew anything about the Russian Mafia you wouldn’t say that.


It is crazy just how short of a timeframe it took to get some people to that point.


I so hope that the damage is minimal and that once this scourge of a President is gone from office, that we, as Americans, can go back to a time when Americans can believe what the DOJ is telling us as fact.

By the way, its good to see you posting again.


Ha ha. Believing this from the man who is being investigated. Lol. It is very funny. You do know that what he wants you to think. He really is playing his supporters for fools.


Indeed. It shows just how fragile this grand American experiment truly is. Propaganda works. We see it in real time in correlation to all of this.


I can not imagine what about Trump they see as trust worthy. His history is shady and he lies all the time. But yes, the problem is with all the intelligence agencies.


This person believes the Russian mafia is more trustworthy than the Department of Justice and its agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Because a person who lies on average 4,000 times a year told him.


I hope so as well. But I fear with a certain segment of the populace, the damage is done and irreparable. On a global scale we will see the damage reverberate for some time. It’s terribly frustrating that some are so blinded by their desire to prop up a politician, that they will gladly help to usher in the demise of the greatest Law Enforcement Institution the world has ever known.

Thanks my friend. It’s good to be back. :slight_smile:


The FBI at times deserves criticism.

There is this story of how they circulated a warning about pro life extremist groups that don’t actually exist when talking about domestic terrorists.

I will gladly criticize the law enforcement agencies when I feel that they are out of line… as we all should.

Saying that they are worse than the Russian Mob… is pretty dumb


And that is stating it lightly


I have noticed that a phrase that I normally use… spelled incorrectly here… soooper stooopid… gets flagged.

So… I’ve toned it down a little.


Thus proving they could not find any collusion during the campaign…


ROFL!!! Sorry but no, that in no way proves there was no collusion. It does the opposite in establishing a pattern of how the Trump operates.


37 Indictments and 7 guilty pleas.


Yes… because they could not find any collusion, so they decided just to torture people…


What a disgusting thing to say.


lol wait, so seven people pleaded guilty because they were tortured ? like waterboarded ? :rofl::rofl:


Being held accountable for crimes is torture?