Trump inaugural committee ordered to hand over documents to Federal Investigators


Any other administration, this story would be front page breaking news. It’s mind boggling how desensitized we’re all becoming from all of this corruption.

President Trump’s inaugural committee was ordered on Monday to turn over documents about its donors, finances and activities to federal prosecutors in Manhattan, according to two people familiar with their investigation into the committee’s activities.

A lawyer working with the inaugural committee received a subpoena on Monday evening seeking documents related to all of the committee’s donors and event attendees; any benefits handed out, including tickets and photo opportunities with the president; federal disclosure filings; vendors; contracts; and more, one of the people said.


Do what Clinton did, destroy the hard drives and any other evidence.

Oh hell…even goverment agencies also does that.

What’s good for goose is good for gander…right?

Or is it only libs that are allowed to destroy evidence?


Hillary lost bro, get over it.


Deflector shields at maximum power!


She can’t take much more captain!


Crime is okay because the man on the radio told me that someone else got away with it.


Just an FYI this is called deflection. Deflection is often done when trying divert from truly terrible news.


Criminal acts seems to follow Trump everywhere he goes.


Can’t defend your boy, so you revert to attacking Hillary.

2016 called, they want their talking points back.


To recap as to why this is potentially bad for the President.

A record $107 million was raised for the inauguration and no one knows how it was all spent.


Must … deflect … to … HILLARY!!!..


If one was to look at Trump’s shady financial history and make hypothesis on what happened to the missing money, one could see Trump in legal trouble.


My hypothesis is that it went into the Trump organization.

We now know that the President was denied a loan during the campaign while he was burning through cash and my feeling is that the Inauguration money went in to keep Trump Inc afloat.

If that turns out to be true that would be a clear case of self dealing and a violation of the Emoluments clause.


Which came first:

17 minutes of blank tape?

Destroyed hard drives?


Donald has integrity - he’d never act like a filthy lib.


The poop :poop: is about the hit the fan


To fat donald, money given to a charitable foundation, inauguration, campaign, etc. seems to be all the same…it ALL belongs to him.


NY AG Letitia James ain’t ■■■■■■■ around.


Yep. The story about the funds raised by Chris Christie to fund the transition was contentious because Trump thought that Christie was stealing money from him.


Actually there has been good reporting on where the money went and the expenses, though generous, appear legitimate. (Suspicions that Trump used some of the money to pay the settlement of the Trump University claims were unfounded.) Trump’s inaugural committee spent lavishly, but there is nothing illegal about that.

The investigation here is asking where the money came from and, in particular, if it came from foreign sources, which would be illegal.

For context, Trump’s inauguration committee raised double what Obama raised four years before and threw fewer events. They just spent more.