Trump inaugural committee ordered to hand over documents to Federal Investigators


Here’s the punchline:

“Ms. Winston Wolkoff [who was a top official on the inaugural committee] was fired as an adviser to the first lady, Melania Trump, in early 2018, after the inaugural committee released its financial disclosures showing that entities controlled by Ms. Winston Wolkoff made $26 million.”

So while Trump is funneling money who knows where, an employee is funneling millions to friends.

If Trump didn’t get a kick back… “Flim-flam Man meet Grifter. Grifter, meet Flim-flam Man”


Unfortunately this isnt quite the case i think…the nra is tied into this and a lot of kick backs in the form of tickets etc…


trump’s still president??



I am going off of reporting like this from December.

The statement continued: “Moreover, the inauguration’s accounting was provided both to the Federal Election Commission and the IRS in compliance with all laws and regulations. These were funds raised from private individuals and were then spent in accordance with the law and the expectations of the donors. The names of donors were provided to the FEC and have been public for nearly two years and those donors were vetted in accordance with the law and no improprieties have been found regarding the vetting of those donors.”
But the campaign’s inaugural funds have been scrutinized for months and no one quite knows how much of the money was spent and where the rest may have gone.
A year after the inauguration, the committee that raised the $106.7 million for the event still had not disclosed how much surplus money it still has or provided an accounting of its finances.

I fully acknowledge I could be wrong.


They are also researching what benefits the donors received.


I can’t help but think that as inept as Donald often presents himself politically and intellectually, in terms of money he at least knows the ins and outs of laundering (or knows who to consult) or he never would have endured this long.


I am currently reading “Moneyland” by Oliver Bullough. It is all about money laundering and offshoring.

It isn’t particularly hard to do. You just have to be willing to take a discount on your dirty cash to make it clean.

I think that the activity that Trump Inc that ties them to laundering is that they are in the end game of cleaning the money through property sales.

I would be honestly surprised if the President hasn’t offshored a good amount of his wealth.


Likewise. Anybody past a certain earning bracket would.


It’s SDNY not NY AG Office.


It literally took one post for someone to deflect instead of address the OP.

So sad.


Trump. A lazy crook.


Grifters gonna grift. Is anyone, objectively familiar with Trump’s past, surprised?


Desperate times take desperate measures.


Oh my!


He had the biggest inauguration ever, so of course he would spend the most money ever.

Or maybe all those missing people have all the missing money.


Sorry, I meant that for Grassroots. I haven’t figured out the tools on this message board yet.


Indeed. The feds.

To be fair, though, the venality, the manifest criminality of this administration is so wide ranging and comprehensive that it is understandable to lose the thread of one of the investigations when viewing the gnarled ball that is the many, many criminal investigations.


It is sad, what else do they have? It must be frustrating as hell to keep defending this corrupt bastard on a daily basis. Gotta give them credit though, they’re good soldiers and will go down with the ship no matter what.


FYI, it’s not the first time fat donald has been busted for shady money laundering.


Clinton. Lol.