Trump inaugural committee ordered to hand over documents to Federal Investigators


A water indeed.

Carried even


When your hero’s a liar, it’s tempting to follow in his footsteps.


I had no idea that Rick Gates is also cooperating with SDNY, besides SCO. And he just happens to have been in running the Inaugural Committee.


It was all about the money. Fat donald’s job was to unlock the house for the thieves. He didn’t know what each thieve was going to take.


I could be wrong too… And please don’t challenge me to find the article to prove my point, but the NY Times ran an article a few weeks ago on how the Trump inaugural paid extremely high salaries for people and high prices for goods and that this lavish pricing – often to people with ties to Trump – accounted for how the $100M was spent. That’s what I was basing my opinion on.


It’s a lot easier to live in a world where you imagine how you want something to be and then you make up data in your head to comport with your imagination.

It takes the whole “facts” and “reality” nonsense out of play and allows one a sense of ease in the warm, sacharrine-sickly syrup of their made-up world.


It’s like Herman Goering running around France after it fell, looting whatever shinny bobbles caught his eye.

In this case, the Herman Goering is the Trump kids using dad’s business as the vacuum cleaner.

Trump intends to be a genuine billionaire what he gets out of the Whitehouse. The same way Mexican presidents go into office as millionaires and exit as multi-billionaires.


The SNDY probe into Trump’s inaugural committee started in part from taped conversations between Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and Michael Cohen. Wolkoff raised concerns with how money was spent, the involvement of the Trump family, Gates and Barrack.


Mueller knows everything and so does SDNY.


Yes they do. I wish I knew half of it.


But we get to watch Trump twist in the wind whilst we wait. :slight_smile:


There is that. :slight_smile:


Cohen taped everything! :joy:
From my previous link:

By the time Cohen and Wolkoff spoke last summer, she had returned to her life in New York. He would soon plead guilty to eight counts in a federal courthouse downtown. But Cohen let Wolkoff know that, among other documents and recordings, the F.B.I. had seized hours of their own conversations that he had taped.


He sure did. :slight_smile:


You guys should read the story in that link, it’s crazy how this mob family operates.

Wolkoff frequently told Melania about her concerns regarding Gates, these people said. She relayed her concern about the high access level of his security pass within Trump Tower and his closeness with the Trump family. In her view, these people said, he exacerbated a situation already fraught with potential conflicts of interest. Members of the inaugural committee talked about how he frequently worked out of Donald Trump Jr.’s office. He was in constant communication with the adult children in order to keep them in the loop about decisions surrounding the inauguration.


I was just coming to post that article. It is an intrest8nf read. According to it, $40 million is still missing.


Man, they can’t do anything without doing it corruptly. Fine, fine group of folks. Holy crap!


This has got to be the biggest group of grifters and con-artists ever to grace American politics. And there are some of the peasants in this country still cheering them on. Amazing.


Because he was skimming and over charging just like he learned from his father.


And likely at the direction of his daughter, Ivanka. The whole family is a bunch of unethical scum…save Barron and maybe Tiffany.