Trump Getting Rid of Regulations Helps the Economy More Than Most Anything He Has Done


Dude, you made the turn to coal, not someone else. You should really educate yourself on this issue, there an abundance of material. NG plants are 1) cheaper to build, 2) cheaper to maintain, 3) have longer life spans and 4) run on cheaper fuel. This is the free market in play… nothing else. The energy industry was transitioning to NG long before Obamas regs.


Nothing would change the mind of leftists/democrats except poverty. After years of Obama, West Virginia woke up! You couldn’t get elected to anything there before Obama if you wasn’t a democrat. Obama turned a deep blue State into a deep red one.


I’ll answer my own question.

On the day Trump was sworn into office, there were 50,700 coal mining jobs in the US.

Currently, 52,600 coal mining jobs in the US.

Behold, the miracle of cutting job killing regulations.


I find it dificult to read all of these remarks against Trumk without feeling that it is immoral.


So? You guys turned that one thing into the whole thread, still are with your last post. I have nothing against gas, we have lots of it here too. We use both now with Trump. We all see the difference in the economy here. Of course the left doesn’t care if we all here are driven into poverty. Noted!


WV has been voting to put an Republican POTUS in office since 2000.

Since you’re apparently not real great with numbers, 2000 actually precedes Obamas terms in office.

Again, just another easily proven fact.


Not to be picky, but I always thougt Ceasar was spelled with the a first.


thought. This computer is finicky


This is truly a bizarre rant.

You’re bitching about Adroit and I correcting your claims on coal… you made them. If you don’t want to discuss them, and more so be corrected on them, then don’t bring it up. You know that’s what happens on this board, right?

I’ve spoken very generally about regs, I’ve addressed your specific posts about regs on the coal industry, as well as my own experience in the broader energy sector.

And BTW, Im liberal, and as said previously, I actively work with energy sector companies to both navigate the regulatory environment as well as relax regs in certain circumstances. Trust me, these companies and local economies appreciate my work.


Oh I’m still in politics. I was wondering what coal had to do with religion ha ha


It shows your ignorance of all here. There is coal plants slated to close that aren’t now, & all the support industries surrounding coal. Those 200 jobs added are $90,000 a year. It’s also the service jobs those create, heavy equipment, construction, & all the support industries are gaining jobs, where it was all going down for years.


:joy: I never even noticed that before… hilarious.


You are a spirited lot. I like you.


Oh I don’t mean to be mean. My spelling can be atrocious.


Most public offices in the state was democrat except for POTUS. The concern then was guns. After Obama, it was a near complete republican takeover.


Oh, I didn’t assume that was your intention… but I found it pretty hilarious.



Well, then show me.

Here’s the history of and number of coal mining jobs in the US.

You seem to think if you forcefully assert bull ■■■■ it’s believable.


I guess if you think math is fake.


It is the correct spelling. It’s not Caesar the Emperor. It’s a NAME of a show horse I like.