Trump Getting Rid of Regulations Helps the Economy More Than Most Anything He Has Done


Overregulation is responsible for one of the greatest expenses to the entire economy. Most of them are absurd. It’s government micro-management of business. I used to work in an MRDD facility. much of the regulations just was insane. One example was a fire pull that had been near an exit for decades. A new regulation required them to be with so many feet of the exit. The building was scheduled in a few months to be taken out of service by the company. The inspector knew this, & told me I still had to move it a little over a foot. That required a specialized service that was costly. It was hundreds of dollars to move it, & that was just one item. It was like that all the time. It’s regulations that are over the top I object to, & cost’s us all. Of course there needs to be laws & regulations, but there is just too many, often redundant, nonsensical, or just not needed or of benefit to anyone. That is those Trump is after. It probably does more economic good than the tax cuts, & likely more responsible for the good economy that anything else he did.


All this regulation slashing and tax cutting and Trump still can’t get a quarter that tops Obama’s highest GDP growth and can’t create more annual jobs than Obama. Sad.


You don’t get out much do you?


Did Trump reverse the regulation regarding the fire pull?


The economy is humming on all cylinders thanks to trump’s tax cuts and deregulation. The libs cant handle this fundamental truth so they make up stories about how obama was great. I lived through the Obama years and I never want to go back


Why don’t you go ahead and give us one single example of regulations that Trump has “gotten rid of” that has had a significant effect on the economy, and let us know how you verified that this action helped the economy.

Don’t hurt yourself.


Name a single regulation that grows the economy. That’s right you can’t.


I can name a lot that protect the health and safety of Americans.


A healthy economy with working AMERICANS is what protects people and keeps them healthy.


What was the highest quarterly growth during Obama’s presidency? How does that compare to Trump’s 4.2% in 2018Q2?

What was the highest number of jobs created during any year of Obama’s presidency? How does that compare to job creation under Trump?

What was real median weekly earnings growth like under Trump’s 7 quarters? How does that compare to the last 7 quarters under Obama?



That fire pull would have been grandfathered in unless you guys were doing other work to the. Building. That’s a building code that is locally enforced and has nothing to do with the federal government. Whatsbwrong with building codes? Most are there for the consumers benefits to stop contractors from doing shady work


Sounds like the regulation created jobs for those special services


Here is a graph showing how Trump’s talk during the 8 years of Obama gave the nation the confidence it needed that when Obama left, they would finally be able to start investing again and MAGA.

All it took was a little kick in the MAGA in 2016 for the country to barrel its way to a booming economy. Thanks Trump!


This is monthly jobs from the last decade. Look how crazy its changed under Trump!!


Regulations are usually large packages of information. And from what I have seen there is usually an extensive review to modify them. Trump and Pruitt came in pretty fast and furious doing cuts. I have been scepetical if there was adequate review. And I sure was uneasy to hear that earthquakes in non-earthquake Oklahoma went up over 300% after Pruitt got rid of regulations on fracking. This supposed attitude of anything Obama did was bad is dangerous, IMHO.


No it doesn’t.


The OP is an article of faith.

When you look at the reasons people are laid off, employers have to cite a reason. “Regulations” is cited less than .5% of the time. It really doesn’t do anything for employment.

The long term costs are massive though.


You can’t tell me that regulations dont kill jobs. Look at Obama.


When Obama’s term started we were losing 100,000s jobs a month, by the time his term ended we were gaining 100,000s jobs a month.



In 2017, Trump added fewer jobs than any year in Obama’s second term.