Trump gets his ass handed to him again, this time for $364 Million and a 3 year ban from doing business in New York

So quick to defend. Like its a Mommy joke with army boots.

I pointed out the fluctuation.

Even at market cap prices its a remarkable turn of events.


Well, no. You may think that because the bond was lowered the actual damages aren’t “legit” but that’s not actually how it works. Just because you feel that way doesn’t make it true.

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NYT, last quarter, had 550 million in revenue and 22 million is net income.

TS had 4 million in revenue all of 2023. They had a net income of negative 54 million in 2023.

They are not the same.

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Seems about even between right and left

47% republicans
46% Dems

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That’s what you literally did when you posted about Facebook :joy:.

My response was that it’s not a better source. It’s not media either but that Facebook is dominated by the older crowd.

Actually no.

But if you wanna take it that way? Go for it.

I have no control over your perceptions.

Could be. Never been on it myself.

because it’s not msnbc huh?

Found guilty by a court of law.

Further proof that these Trump supporters have no idea what they’re talking about. I try to ignore them most of the time.

Along with anything else that isn’t a part of the lefties approved narrative.

So you’ll contradict me and THAT makes it true?

How many posts have I made quoting MSNBC?

Why is the immediate assumption that if you dont take Fox as gospel you are a follower of a left wing cable news channel.

Because you all come running here and spout almost word for word what the loons on the leftist tv are spouting.
It is fun to watch when every leftist talking head on the democrat news networks use one word over and over and in just a short while every democrat on here is using the same word.


I have seen that too.

It’s a hoot.

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I can only speak for myself. All my posts are my own thoughts and opinions. You will not find one post where I am just regurgitating talking points.

BTW the right can be just as much as a hive mind as the left. Its not as if the right have some intellectual high ground.


down again. people cant borrow shares so they can short this dog.

its a 2 buck stock at best.



why the immediate assumption it is BS just because it is Fox News? Waters actually plays clips of your other precious news sources


It’s not BS because it’s Fox News… it’s bs because it’s bs. It would be BS if MSNBC said it.


What else is there but Fox and the Left.

Do we think DJT Media is getting crushed again in the market today because people recognize that it is 90% overvalued?

Or because the economy is roaring and Biden’s poll numbers are improving and the hopes of a Trump win in November are fading?