Trump Directly Accuses NYT of being “The Enemy of the People”


He asked a China representative there if they have fake news.

So that’s something.


Because the press PUT HIM ON and he is more than willing to be accessable.



Sorry but the New York Times is in no way, shape or form an enemy of the American people


You read them, then.

Here is another compilation - someone else doing your homework for you - that describes tons of fake news, many perpetrated by the NYT:

Your own host, Sean Hannity , has often detailed numerous examples of the fake news, including by the NYT. You should actually watch his show, sometimes.



The president has labeled accurate reporting as fake news when it is unflattering to him.

It’s an attack on the free press.


And just during this press conference, President Trump repeated the falsehood about million of illegal votes from California that have been refuted by factcheckers.


In your opinion Foxnews is an enemy of the people? Seriously?


The president is very careful about who and what he calls fake news, he takes issue with specific stories that are proven later to be made up and NEVER would use the term “fake news” to just attack stories he doesn’t like. And that’s something I can support and applaud and you should too.


You seem to think that the President is the only one who sees fake news.

Here is another lengthy compilation of fake news stories:

This stuff is EASY tio find. Just do your homework.



“Accessable”, lol.


It seems you’ve decided to completely ignore my comment.

There’s no point in attempting to have a conversation if that’s the case.


I watch Hannity occasionally. I hear him share this nugget on a regular basis, “the thoroughly debunked dossier”.

If that’s not fake news, then show me where the dossier was thoroughly debunked.


You can’t be serious? The only NYT story from that entire partisan list was that they accused Nikki Haley of buying expensive curtains. For that they’re an enemy of the people?


When the President refused to answer him it was right after one of Acosta’s legendary fits.

The President was answering Acosta again this week.




Errr…WHERE did I say that only the NYT was a purveyor of fake news???
They are BUT ONE of many and this thread is about the fake news that the President is calling out.



And I am asking for anything from them that justifies the President calling them an enemy of the people. I have to see anything presented that comes even remotely close to fitting that bill


It hasn’t had a SINGLE allegation it it proven. Not one. Not by the FBI, the CIA or anyone else, and they HAVE TRIED - desperately…

That’s how it was thoroughly debunked. You cannot prove a negative.



If they aren’t the enemy of the american people why do they post so many stories Trump doesn’t like?


Not true

The dossier claimed that the Russians tried to influence Trump by offering him “sweetener” real estate deals, in hopes of drawing him closer to Moscow. The specific details about these purported deals haven’t been corroborated, but the dossier said Trump declined these offers.

Throughout the campaign, Trump said he had “nothing to do with Russia.” When the dossier was first published, there wasn’t any indication that Trump’s company was involved in Russia beyond the Miss Universe pageant that he hosted in Moscow in 2013.

But it recently became public knowledge that Trump pursued a lucrative project in Moscow deep into the 2016 campaign, and that his then-attorney Michael Cohen sought help from the Kremlin to move the project along. Cohen admitted these shocking details when he pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about the Trump Tower Moscow proposal, which never came to fruition.


Lol, he calls CNN, an entire news network “Fake News”, mainly because they have reporters with balls enough to call him on his BS.

When they do, he shrieks “fake news” like Michael Keaton does “Beetlejuice” and then belittles the reporter or picks someone else less confrontational.

Another tactic is to shout “Excuse me!” …“Excuse me!” over the person asking the question and then railroading the discussion. This is also a commonly used tactic in the CEC.