Trump Directly Accuses NYT of being “The Enemy of the People”


He’s real specific at rallies when he waves his arm at the press section covering the event and refers to them as fake, so fake.

He’s got you convinced though and I’m going to guess you consider yourself an intelligent consumer of the ‘news’. What hope is there for those who are less discerning?

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I’m constantly doing that. Hate it


This whole format could use some tweaking as far as I’m concerned.

Love the disappearing posts. They provide such a learning experience.

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Forgot what year it was for a second…


The article was written by the Washington Times and they are presenting all these examples - not the individuals.

Are you saying the Washington Times isn’t aware of what they are presenting???



Yes he is.


Literally the only example listed was the walked back story of Nikki Haley’s curtains, and it was not “linked”. I. know because I read the stupid article. Peoples snarky comments are not “examples” nor are they “links.”. Further, the one story that was listed was, surprise, retracted and corrected, which is what a legitimate news organization does.

For someone so adamant that “Fake News is the enemy of the people” you sure do spread it a lot.


No, he’s not.

Show me a SINGLE example where he said “the free press is the enemy of the people” or admit you were wrong.

He has always made it clear that he is referring to purveyors of FAKE NEWS - not all the free press.



The Washington Times has a more established history of being untruthful than the NYT.


Trump is a purveyor of fake news.

He’s the enemy of the people.



The NYT has its own history and it ain’t all good.



The President is speaking to the press RIGHT NOW, as he does almost every day.



For some reason I don’t see a history of fake news there outside the Alessandra Stanley story from a decade ago. Strange


Here’s one of my favorites:




Yes he is determining that even officially as was shown by his attempts to officially badger any press that is negative of him. Its like all of a sudden you guys think the president’s words exist in a vacuum where no power relations apply like we are at a preschool level of understanding the effects of words. Given the president, i can see why. I repeat i do not *******ing want someone with the amount of power the president has to go out and label the free press as the enemy of the people. Especially when his sycophants have demonstrated that they will go out and cause real harm.


He doesnt need to say the exact phrase. But hey were back to preschool level understanding of words and effects… he labels ANY press that is critical of him, harkening back to the EXACT same pattern every fascist government has used to attack the concept of a free press.


That the retort is from state-run Russian media? Yes very


Who could forget the Yorkshire controversy:

In 2018 the New York Times came under criticism, including from the tourist office of the city of York, for describing Yorkshire pudding as a “large, fluffy pancake” and recommending it be served with “syrup, preserves, confectioners’ sugar or cinnamon sugar”. A presenter for the BBC stated that the Yorkshire pudding’s history was longer than that of the USA

It was a dark day for the old grey lady.


Yes, he is on TV a lot…


And AGAIN he doesn’t label the free press the enemy of the people. He is very specific about whom he labels the enemy of the people and I AGREE with him that any part of the free press that lies and/or fails to correct false stories are the enemy of the people.

I WANT someone in power to make it clear when a member of the free press is wrong, because then and only then will the people get the message on a scale that MIGHT cause that press to clean up their act.

How does his opinion of certain journalists become an “official” act? How does one “Officially badger” someone?