Trump Directly Accuses NYT of being “The Enemy of the People”


I see the problem here. There is so much that is held on faith that is simply not true.

That seems to be why folks are getting so very emotional in their support of the President in this and other threads.


That list reads like Trump misspeaks.

How concerned should I be when one of the most egregious fake news stories of 2018 is fake because they said they only found one picture of Trump with a dog while apparently other pictures of Trump with dogs were also available on line.

Enemy of the people indeed.


Okay, since you’re only asking for ONE, I’ll do your homework for you this one time:

The President KNOWS when the NYT lies about him and he has been right so many times in the past about other fake news purveyors that if he says they are also “fake news” I have every reason to believe him.

What is amazing to me is that you guys think there is no reason to call out fake news when it happens and it happens all the time.



Mueller’s indictment of the Russians was foretold by the dossier.


The problem is that despite intense efforts by so many people to prove otherwise, the dossier is what it always was - a Russian-made bought-an-paid-for by Clinton piece of fiction designed to smear her political foe.

Anyone who can’t admit that is desperately clinging to a dream that will not come to pass.



Do you also consider the source of that story/The Federalist to be an enemy of the people due to their false reporting?


Still can’t find anything in it that’s been disproven I see


This too is manifestly wrong and counter to the facts.

But, that is why Trump continues to get the very strong and very emotional support among a small portion of the population, because of the willing suspension of belief in the patently factual.

The support must therefore be based on emotion.


And, undoubtedly, allegiance to only carefully prescribed channels of “information”.



The dossier says that TRUMP was involved in the Russian meddling and helped them carry it out - specifically as it pertains to Wikileaks DNC “hacks” - NOT that there were a few Russian internet trolls unconnected to him mixed in with the millions of American internet trolls.

No one associated with Trump has been indicted for conspiring with any Russian to hack the DNC.



Yet another claim that has turned out to be correct

Steele’s sources noted that the Russian government had indirectly paid Michael Flynn to travel to Moscow, a reference to his attendance at a 2015 gala honoring the state-run broadcaster RT.

Flynn, who later advised Trump’s campaign and was briefly Trump’s national security adviser, denied during the campaign that he received any payments from Russia.

But a bipartisan inquiry by the House Oversight Committee in early 2017 revealed Flynn was paid more than $33,000 by the Kremlin-funded network to attend the black-tie event and participate in a question-and-answer sessio



You should be able then to point to evidence that the Trump people helped the Russians with the DNC hacks - that is when you can first even prove that it was the Russians who hacked the DNC…That is if you can even prove the DNC was hacked, instead of the leaks being an inside job.

A download off their server…which is what the forensics point to, by the way.



Wow. You still don’t know/don’t believe the Russians hacked the DNC?


Errr, how does a black tie dinner in 2015 have ANYTHING to do with Russian meddling in the election?

The allegation was that Flynn subsequently helped the Russians meddle in the election on Trump’s behalf - NOT that Flynn has ever had any other associations with Russians in his life.

That allegation REMAINS totally unproven. In fact, the allegation in the dossier that Flynn met with Russians in the Czech Republic to somehow carry out his nefafrious deeds has been debunked.



You do realize that is fake news and whoever told you that fits your own definition of an enemy of the people?


It has been proven that it wasn’t possible with the technology of the day. That much information could not be hacked over the internet in the time allowed, according to the time-stamps for the movement of the information.

However, it COULD easily be downloaded in that time.

but then, that just isn’t a story most of the press wants to tell.



No, it hasn’t been proven. That’s fake news propagated by the enemy of the people.


Sorry but that was not your original assertion and nothing but a poorly executed dodge. You said not a ingle thing from the dossier has been corroborate but I proved that to be false.


You’re more confused than I thought. That allegation against Flynn was never made