Trump Directly Accuses NYT of being “The Enemy of the People”

In today’s Excercise in Blatant Facism…

1 Year Ago:

I mean yes, he’s throwing Stalinistic phrases about but he had the wiggle room of calling “Fake News” the enemy of the people rather than a specific journalistic outlet. Which of course was BS since everyone knew what he was doing, but a legal mind could make that distinction.

Not anymore.

How long before he starts demanding it be shut down?

And can you imagine if Obama had called Fox News “The Enemy of the People”? The frikken world would have ended.

Impeach this Tyrant Now.


I happen to like the NYT.

Does that make me an Enemy also?

He ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

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Eagerly awaiting the Trumpsplaining.

This tweet tells me the NYT article is completely accurate.


I subscribe to the New York Times. Am I funding terrorism?

As always, Trump is a garbage human.


And then he wonders why he has so much opposition. It’s quite the mystery. :rofl::rofl:

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I dont believe we’ll hear much from them until Rush comes on.

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Hard to argue with that.

Good point trump!

As I’ve said many times, I actually appreciate this Trump era. It lets us know what people are really like (regardless of what they’ve preached before).


Indeed. It comes at a price, though.

These are dangerous days to be a reporter. And I think it may have just gotten more dangerous.

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Can you imagine being the spouse of a reporter these days? You’re probably constantly looking over your shoulder.

At least he acknowledged the New York Times as “true”!

In the end, Trump and his supporters would destroy every institution in our Democracy to support his endless money grubbing and self-promotion. We are to believe that only Donald Trump tells the truth… he is ruling as if we was in Orwell’s “1984” but he lacks the control over communications that makes the dystopia of “1984” function.

So far…


Even Judge Napolitano finds the NYT report to be credible and an attempt at obstruction.

And what should happen to the Enemy of the People?

What has happened to other groups that have been the Enemy of the People?

Boxcars, man. It has to be boxcars. That’s almost literally what he said.


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Lol - yeah, I know I call everyone I don’t really like an “enemy of the people.” :rofl::rofl:

The desperation is getting palpable.

When something violent eventually happens, the people supporting Trump’s language will both sides this. All the while having the opportunity to disavow this kind of rehetoic.


They support the rhetoric and the violence that will follow…

Remeber, the cruelty is the point for them…

You might want to follow the media treatment of the Covington incident and the resulting lawsuit. Media earns no right to avoid criticism because of possible resulting possible anger. That’s not a rule they follow for themselves.