Trump denies hurricane killed 3k in puerto rico


The law is the definitive authority. It sets the requirements for what must be recorded, charted and signed off on by the attending.

You’re hung up on insurance coding.


excusing? hell, they love it.


can it make him $$$?


people that are defending trump for this are in the same category as those who claim 9-11 was a government consipracy


i’ve often wondered about that. like with extreme cult leaders. who is worse, the con man that says he’s jesus or the people that get conned and follow him to their deaths?


you’re the one challenging the methodology.


Then answer the question if you can.


They used statistical models based on multiple years of mortality rates accounting for things like age, sex, and socioeconomic factors to produce a baseline estimate of expected deaths given normal conditions. They then compared that to actuals to come up with a range within a given CI of excess deaths as a result of the hurricane. When looking at the aggregate, looking at specific cause of deaths isn’t required to obtain an estimate.

But I’m sure you’re the type of person who just runs with the claim that Mao killed 45 million during the Great Leap Forward.


In other words just as I stated they simply counted the dead without any consideration as to cause or manner of death.

Thank you for confirming it.


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A team of 11 investigators from GWU, four researchers from the University of Puerto Rico and other local community leaders spent months poring over death certificates on the island, looking at vital statistics data stretching back seven years before the storm to compare mortality rates.

The GWU researchers included epidemiologists, a demographer, a public health nutritionist, environmental health scientists, two public health research assistants, an anthropologist, a behavioral scientist and two health communication experts.

They interviewed doctors, health officials, funeral home directors, hospital directors, forensic pathologists and others involved with the death certification process to get a full picture of how deaths were classified after the storm, and used guidelines set by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Along the way, their methodology was reviewed by a Johns Hopkins University researcher and by a panel of national and international experts in the field, Santos-Burgoa said.



Read your own citation. no mention of cause or manner of death, only counted the bodies.


^-- Doesn’t understand statistics.


Of course I do and i can read.

there is no mention of cause or manner of death.

Provide the following and cite the source.

Number of heart attacks,

Number of accidental deaths.

Number of murders.

number of suicides.

How each related to the hurricane.


That’s true, if we’re operating under the assumption that the exact opposite of reality is reality.


Which isn’t required to produce an accurate statistical model.


Then provide the citations.


All of those things would be baked into the baseline mortality rate from the past 7 years.

Irrelevant to get into specifics to produce an accurate statistical model.


You’re basically arguing that we can measure storm surge by sticking a ruler into the ground at the beach. There’s these things called baselines.


It is is you are gong to assert the deaths were due to the hurricane or a failed relief effort.