Trump denies hurricane killed 3k in puerto rico


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not sure if this has been posted - careful refutation of POTUS’s lies:

twitter thread.


Nothing has been refuted. Those additional deaths have not been nor can they be attributed to the hurricane based on the information in the two reports.

They totally discount cause and manner of death.


You should read the studies and the methodology. You sound as ignorant as Trump.


I did, all they did was count bodies and compare the two years.

There was nothing in either as to cause and manner of death.


So to what do you attribute the increase in mortality rebates especially in the poorer communities in the time frame following the storm? If you reject the notion that the significant increase in mortality Reyes was a direct cause of the known anomaly the. Certainly you have a valid explanation for it.


I don’t know who is worst, 45 and his denial to save face or those who defend his denial. Both him and them at the end of the day are terrible people. Yeshua Wept…

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Here’s a FEMA administrator that puts into perspective the factors that contributed to Puerto Rico’s direct/indirect deaths from the hurricane.


Asked and answered repeatedly, try reading the thread.


Absurd, isn’t it? We don’t ever argue policy here anymore. All we do is argue reality with deniers hell bent on protecting a vile man.


Uh, the car accident is what led to the conditions that resulted in death.


If you actually did, you’d know it wasn’t just “two years” they compared and you’d know they didn’t just “count bodies”.


Then what did they count other than the bodies? Be specific.


I correctly stated how the hospital will record it if the death is from infection. I provided the ICD-10 reference on whether the external cause is necessary in the record.

Others may disagree but I provided a reference to the authoritative source for medical coding.


you could probably read the study if you want to see their methodology.


Everything from every visit related to the accident an subsequent thereto has to be charted by law.

It is a violation of both federal and state law for any of the patient complaints, injuries or treatments to not be charted and signed off on by the attending physician.


If you cant’ answer the question you have nothing to contribute.


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What you just wrote does not refute what I wrote. What the medical community considers to be the cause of death is what I have written about and for which I provided reference to the definitive authority.